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    Default question regarding religion ban

    Does the ban on discussing religion extend to such things as wishing a happy holiday?
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    ...though Talla does her best to sound objective and impartial, it doesn't cover stuff like "ask a 9-year-old to tank for the party."

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    Default Re: question regarding religion ban

    I don't think so.
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    Default Re: question regarding religion ban

    Sheriff: Happy holiday. Doesn't seem to be anything religious about that. Merry Christmas. Could be religious or non-religious depending on the context.

    Err on the side of caution. Such casual non-religious comments aren't really a problem. But posting verses from religious texts, which seems to increase around the holidays, isn't really any more acceptable than in any other context. Discussions of religious worship aren't any more acceptable because they happen to be the one service a year everyone goes to.

    My point is, happy holiday is fine, but the line is still there between religion and non-religion.
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