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    Default Why was my thread moved and where?

    I wrote that "What do you think of furries" thread, and for some reason it was moved to some sort of netherworld I can't find, and I can't access it by clicking on it. It doesn't appear to be locked, so what on earth is going on?

    I checked the forum rules, and while I Don't see furries on the "verboten" topic lists, I do see some stupid infractions I made (Mostly on the matters of sex and one instance of poorly-censored swearing). Guess I should read the rules more carefully before posting, especially on a touchy subject like this. I'd be perfectly willing to edit said posts to fit forum standards.

    And on the whole joking references to flamewars, I was trying to be funny in reference to previous attempts to make a "Let's talk reasonably about furries" thread on other forums, though I think the culture on here is a good deal more pleasant (and thus more game to talk about this in a civilized manner) than any of the other forums I previously tried. But I understand why it might've been confused with intentional trollings, so again, I could rewrite it to be clear on that matter.

    Anyway, that thread is gone, I'm confused as to why, what did I do wrong, and how can I fix it?

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    Default Re: Why was my thread moved and where?

    Well, a thread could be moved from a forum to another (more appropriate) forum... but in this case you'll have the link.
    An inappropriate thread can be locked (and you can still "see" it), OR (as in your case) the thread can simply be deleted by the Mods, for breaking some rules in the OP (you know... those "stupid infractions I made"). In this case, you'll receive some PM about it.

    For future references, I suggest you to PM the mods, asking for explanations.
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    Default Re: Why was my thread moved and where?

    Your thread was removed because of everything you mentioned and more, particularly the discussion of illegal activity such as bestiality. It was determined that there was nothing worth salvaging in the thread. Please do not start a new one.

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