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    Default Current online tools and 5e

    I was asking my group about this last night, and nobody could answer this question. Has WotC said anything about support for the current suite of online tools for 4e (Compendium, Character Builder, Adventure Tools, etc.)? I love having these resources available, but I have no idea what is going to happen to them in the post-4e company.
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    Default Re: Current online tools and 5e

    From what I've heard from listening to them on their podcasts, they aren't doing anything about how the game gets to us yet. All they are doing right now is discussing how to make the game itself. Rules and classes for now, books and builders later. Many people want it, and they are aware of it.
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    Default Re: Current online tools and 5e

    I have been keeping up with some but not all of the information released by WotC and so far I have not heard anything about the tools, one way or another.

    I would speculate that they will atleast keep the 4e tools online but not put any effort into upgrading them once 5e is out. This is based on the fact that with digging, you can find some of the tools for 3.x on their website such as the random map generator and the map collections but they are appear to be unchanged since they were first released.

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