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    Default How to make a fallen hero villain interesting?

    For him to be foreboding, is it better to make his evil absolute or to show the humanity in him so as to contrast against the protagonists?
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    Default Re: How to make a fallen hero villain interesting?

    What a odd question. Humanity, because doing things for the EVULZ never worked for any villain ever. Especially not when it comes to winning the audience over.

    (I doubt he'd consider himself evil, after all.)
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    Default Re: How to make a fallen hero villain interesting?

    Yes, contrast and humanity.

    Absolute evil is boring (and unrealistic). He's bad, we're good, gg.

    You want your antagonist to be opposed to your protagonists because they have conflicting goals that are more complex than, antagonist hates life/likes killing and the protagonists like living. Sure, you can have your Sauron but it's Gollum that's the interesting antagonist character in LOTR.

    He/She should be conflicted. They know that they're doing things that, in as close to a morally objective sense as can ever be established, are considered 'bad' BUT:

    A) They don't care because of a warped worldview (a la the Comedian)

    B) They feel that they have to. Greater good. Revenge. Slave to the Precious That sort of thing. (a la Ozymandias)

    I mean, really this question answers itself when you ask, who is the more interesting character? Xykon or Redcloak? Who makes you think more and engages your brain in the story? The Jokeresque psychopath who kills for fun and obviously must be stopped? Or the guy who just wanted a fair shake for his downtrodden people, did a few bad things to try and get there, realized that if he ultimately failed then his early misdeeds would be unjustified and so resigned himself to playing out his hand to the end regardless of what was required to succeed and cognizant of the likelihood of his own damnation?

    I'll let YOU decide. (but the answer is RC)

    Anyway, just my opinion on the topic. Hope it helps and good luck!


    Pro tip: Check out Watchmen for great examples of heroic antagonists - most of the characters work as well as villains as they do heros (hence the title )

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    Default Re: How to make a fallen hero villain interesting?

    Bad fallen hero villian:

    Ha ha ha! after i kidnapped the princess, i will be the king for sure after i betrayed him!

    Good fallen hero villian:

    The king is a buffon and a weakling.
    I will Usurp his throne and rule the kingdom as it is needed to be ruled.
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    Default Re: How to make a fallen hero villain interesting?

    I believe that a good "fallen hero" should always be self-conscious. He should know what he's done, and feel the mental anguish that comes with it. He should sincerely believe that what he's doing is for the greatest good. Self-conflict is to be expected.
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    Default Re: How to make a fallen hero villain interesting?

    The real question is why is he fallen? Someone out for revenge might easily loose his humanity while someone convinced they are doing evil for the greater good might feel deep remorse for the bad things they have to do.

    Then there are tge heros that loose their humanity, like Miko.
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