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    Default [Pathfinder] Machinesmith musings...

    So I'm soons starting my first Pathfinder game (I've been playing 3.5 for a long time though), and I' really interested in the Machinesmith class Links!. I was wondering if anyone here has experience playing this class, or being in a group with one? Is it overpowered? Underpowered? Useless?

    Also: What do you think is the best character sheet to use? I've used the Dyslexic studeos ones for 3.5 and I absolutely love them, but the Pathfinder sheets from them don't have a page for machinesmith. I thought I could just use the alchemist page if nothing better presents itself (same number of spell levels and the bomb has the same damage advancement as the Machinesmith's repair ability), but if you know of something better, that'd be awesome...
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    Default Re: [Pathfinder] Machinesmith musings...

    I think it is playable but it is incredibly clunky and bested many other moderate casters. Its spell list is small and while are called something else don't really end up functioning or applying any differently spells other than prep which is the same as extracts. There really is only one good Greatwork and that is the analyzer allowing you to be the scout/inspector while getting tasty insight bonuses to attacks and steal dispelled spells from the augmentations. Don't even bother with the Mechanus people equate to an eidolon but that is an insult to the eidolon. A mechanus isn't sentient until L20 so only one feat from the prescribed upgrade and doesn't even come close to single or tandem power. The weapon is okay but the list in which you borrow feats from is rather basic and boring. At best it allows a dedicated ranged or melee character to play a little of the opposite, but lack of significant buffs make it more difficult for Machinesmith to play either when compared to other moderate casters(Inquisitor, Alchemist, Summoner, Bard..etc).
    The tricks are often bested by spells or single abilities of other characters and the repair ability takes up so much room. All in all it is juggling several things in which it doesn't have the best stake in any one.
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    Default Re: [Pathfinder] Machinesmith musings...

    Interesting. Never seen this particular third party creation before. I was just thinking today that I haven't seen a good 3.5/PF machine/technologist class. I'm too tired to properly evaluate this class right now, but I'll take a look at it over the weekend. No obvious problems jumping out at me.
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