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    Default Ideas for Webcomics?

    So as an amateur(read "mediocre in a middle school art class") artist, I have also had some ideas for webcomics. Whaddya think? Any of you guys have cool ideas for webcomics you might want to see?

    Here's my stream of consciousness!
    • Some kind of silver age sci-fi story about robots with cool powers

      An alternate history detailing a Confederate outpost's rise through time from 1860 to 1937 or so.

      A superhero comic about a successionist movement that is made up of superheroes trying to establish a country and the way the rest of the world reacts. The main characters would be an orator and a leader, WITH SUPERPOWERS!
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    Default Re: Ideas for Webcomics?

    Theme, artstyle etc. doesn't really matter.
    Of course, you should know your tools...

    But think about some important points first:
    * Story, joke-a-day, or what shall it be ?

    * Sketching out a rough storyline/list of jokes ahead of time would be good (say, enough for a first season/book)
    * Also: background infos, like worldmap, history, motivation of chars etc.

    * Schedule, e.g. once or twice a week - pick something you can sustain in the long run.
    * Also: buffer - slipping schedule is one sure way to annoy readers.

    * Where to publish/store pictures?
    * Do you have (at least an idea for) a basic layout for a website with About/Cast/Archive etc. ?

    Also, this
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    Default Re: Ideas for Webcomics?

    I for one would love to see a non comedy dramatic comic! we don't have enough of those online, it seems. Warren Ellis comments about that constantly, actually.

    As a writer, the thing I want to say is, characters are more important. No matter how awesome your world and plot are, if no character is interesting, no one will care. Start not with a world, but a character or two, and then design the world based on them, what kind of a world would create a person like this.
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    Default Re: Ideas for Webcomics?

    The Robot idea sounds cool.

    Personally, I do a lot of world-building, and would love to have a comic follow a serious DnD campaign in a custom world... but one what adheres to actual rules (Both it's own, and the game's rules).
    That would be pretty sweet.

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