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    Default Looking for a Video Editor That Makes Videos Look Like Drawings

    A few years ago I had a program on my PC that had a special effects filter that made videos look like cartoons. I don't actually remember the name of the program, I think it might have been Sonic but I'm not sure. I'm looking for a video editor, either under 50$ or preferably free that can do something similar to this.

    Failing that, if you have any reccomendations for the best video editor in that price range is, that's great too.

    Thanks a bunch, L.L
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    Default Re: Looking for a Video Editor That Makes Videos Look Like Drawings

    Not sure what program you're talking about. Sounds pretty cool. I hope someone knows what it is 'cause I might want to check it out. As for check video editors, adobe premiere elements is fairly check. I think you can get it for around $60.
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