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    [Generic Street]

    Ignai looks incredulously at Sayuri. "You're kidding me." She... doesn't look the least bit happy. "You don't think I haven't tried to get a job and get out of this mess my life is? I've had two jobs and both times I burned something to the ground and lost it like I always do! So keep your condescending bull**** to yourself!" She shouts the last sentence and small tongues of flame wink in and out of existence around her. A nearby trashcan spontaneously lights on fire and a panicked shout can be heard inside the shop they are in front of.
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    Random Park

    Glop! The dough lands, and effectively tangles Kate's feet. Kate then looks at the meant fairy. At the way it turns things into meat-


    Kate's clothes die a horrible death as dragon wings tail pop out, accompanied by longfall boots and a robotic arm. Kate's switched bodies to her odd form, in all it's cybernetic draconic glory+fuzzy moth antenna.

    Kate will try to grab Hadlin, crank her boots to "That's not really necessary, is it?" and attempts to escape this situation by leaping straight up.

    Man, where is that calm, intelligent, and mostly normal girl now?

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    Generic Street

    While the look on Ignai's face is incredulous, the look on Imesah's is near-furious. "You don't want me to help you get along in life, you want me to bully others into paying a higher price for your wares. Don't you dare tell me that is in service of good!" She starts to stand up.
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    [Wanderin' Through the City]

    "Repeeent!" caterwauls a disheveled looking hobo wearing a sandwich board and a paper-bag like a hat. He rings a large bell to get the attention of as many people as possible.

    "Repeeeeent!" he hollers. "Repent for the End of Thread is near!"




    What's this crazy guy yelling about?

    Probably a-

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