The tavern smells strongly of alcohol and urine, the stench assaulting your nostrils as you peer around the room. There are many people here, some ordinary folk, tired of The Aggregate's rule but too exhausted with their daily chores to do anything about it. Others you recognize from riots in the streets, and you idly wonder how much longer they have to live.

A couple of prostitutes gracefully ignore you on their way to a rich dignitary's table. You can see them crowding around his table now.

The doors to the tavern swing open, and a hooded man enters. Based on everyone's expression, he seems to be recognized by everyone here, yet you do not know who this man is. At his hip, you can see a rather large pistol.

He takes a seat near you, not speaking. Who is this man? What does he want? Will you find out for yourself, or let events take their course?