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    Default Re: Shadows of the Past 2 (IC)

    Tarith pockets the items found, but is unable to read the letter.

    "That would be rather... Foolish, seeing as I helped you kill the giants. I have come to see the errors of my ways, and intend to help you against the lich."

    (1d20+52)[62] bluff

    Also, he probably gets a spot check against dc 17 to id Tarith.
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    Default Re: Shadows of the Past 2 (IC)

    @Tarith: Jacob rushes towards you, anger in his eyes.

    Spot check: (1d20+24)[36]

    Jacob halts his charge and points his sword at you.

    "Why are you dressed like her? And where is Arrallae?"

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    As Dantie sees the last enemy fall he tells the villagers it is safe to come out. Jacob its Tarith. Dantie says calling out to the man as he sees him going to attack Tarith in what has to be his worst disguise ever. So Tarith were did you disappear to? One minute I saw your bag explode, the next I was on the floor. With a bunch of sore bones. Dantie says looking for Xander in the sky.
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    To Party.
    I agree gathering a force for one woman would be unnecessary, however if today is any example, we are just as likely to encounter her with a army as with out. Your Idea for a possible trap is a excellent idea however why do your thoughts have to stray to killing so quickly.

    To Anzaril.
    Thank you, I believe she would like to awake there, and it grants me a excuse to see it newly restored. As I said, she performed a seance, witch revealed many interesting facts about Arrallae, and had complications, the last I saw she had transformed into a magical gauntlet, and Tarith had fled with her, and was trying to keep her out of Nerine's grasp, I would imagine what ever effect returned her to her current form and your location would take a immense power as well, she may need to rest for some time.

    Xander lands next to the party. After the battle ends.
    I believe that in both of your haste to retrieve Arrallae, a incedent occured, in witch rather than Tarith risking losing Arrallae in a collision, Tarith chose to disable you, and flee.

    Xander looks to Jacob.
    Anzaril has contacted me. Arrallae appeared in her elven form in her lair, she has since been moved to the rose garden, Anzaril has been unable to wake her.
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