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    Default (PF) Looking for Monster

    I was wondering if the following monster existed; it seemed familiar, so I figured I'd ask around.

    Basically, it looks like a piece of armor or clothing, but is really some form of parasite that gains control over anyone that wears it.
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    Default Re: (PF) Looking for Monster

    I remember the guttersnipe from 3.5 having this kind of idea. Can't say i know anything from pathfinder that does however. Although I could easily be mistaken.
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    Default Re: (PF) Looking for Monster

    The 3.5 ragamoffin also does this, I believe. Not sure it was converted....
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    Default Re: (PF) Looking for Monster

    There's the Hollow Helm, but I'm not sure that's what you're looking for. Check the other Phantom Armors, too, just in case.

    Alternately, an intelligent magic item suit of armor could conceivably manage a similar effect.

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    Default Re: (PF) Looking for Monster

    Maybe refluff a Puppeteer?
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