So, I need some help.

I'm about to start a card game review thing, and I found an old card of mine from a game called Champions.

I remember I use to love this game, but not much else.

The cards have a solid blue back, with the word Champions in golden script, then a warrior fighting a werewolf (both characters appeared on cards).

On the front there is a picture, some flavour text and 11 scratch spots. On one side, it is red and has the cards power or strength and 3 scratch spots. On the other side it is green and has the cards defence. Under the flavour text it has 5 scratch spots.

As I remember this game, the scratch spots you could scratch to reveal a diffrent number to replace the cards power or strength and everytime it won a battle, you scratched one of the ones at the bottom, but I could be wrong.

Does anyone remember this, have more info or anything?