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Thread: Mini chibis!

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    Default Mini chibis!

    My small webcomic!
    Read it!
    my comic

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    Default Re: Mini chibis!

    Okay, first off you need to have a proper pitch. Having a webcomic is nothing special. You need to tell us why your webcomic is special and how it stands out from the sea of badly made webcomics that are out there.

    Secondly, your comics are too big sometimes. They stretch the page horizontally, and generally readers don't like to scroll the page back and forth to read the comic.

    Thirdly, there are too few comics to read. If you're planning on doing a story based comic there is no plot to speak of just yet to keep the reader coming back. If you're going for a humor based comic... well, you still would need a large selection as humor is very hit-and-miss for some.

    But the main problem is that the comic looks VERY unprofessional. The lines are very shaky, the coloring is splotchy and scribbly, the characters are blobs with little to no detail with the backgrounds having even less. The overall impression is that little to no effort has been put into this. At the very least you could do is use a rules when drawing straight lines. I'm sure these get chuckles from your friends, but the bar is set a bit higher on the internet with plenty of high-quality options available.

    However, it should be said that good writing can make up for bad art, but that isn't here. And if it's going to show up, it's too early to see. But if you are going to use a simplistic style, make it consistent and clean. Being simple is fine, but being sloppy is not.

    Lastly, your statement that updates may be random may be the final nail in the coffin for some. If there is enough content to make people want to come back, they're going to want to know WHEN to come back.
    Overall, there's a lot of work needed to be done. This just... isn't good at all.

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