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Thread: Player Registry

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Jon, Dot
    Ways to Contact:
    Discord- DarkPen14#0096
    Posting Frequency: Hourly to Daily, if possible, depending on the turn cycle.
    Type of Campaign: Looking to learn any
    Types of Characters: Lots of ideas, none applied yet
    Old Characters: N/A, TBA
    Old Campaigns: TBA
    Other Information: I have never actually played D&D before, and I'm hoping to learn
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Matt
    Ways to Contact: PM
    Posting Frequency: multiple times a day through the week, once a day on weekends
    Type of Campaign: D&D 5e
    Types of Characters: I'm stuck on wizards right now...I enjoy the tactical side of them
    Old Characters: currently playing a gnome diviner in a rl game, been dming for a few years so haven't played much
    Old Campaigns: dm for Curse of Strand and Rise of Tiamat, playing through some Yawning Portal now
    Other Information: not experienced with pbp, I'm interested in joining a game asap!

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Dustin

    Ways to Contact: PM, email

    Posting Frequency: I can do daily or whatever the game calls for.

    Type of Campaign: Pathfinder and 5e preferably. I've played some Deathwatch before. But I have no experience with PbP.

    Types of Characters: I've played elven wizards, human monks, and dragonborn bards. I've been on a bard/warlock kick lately.

    Old Characters: My last character was a warlock that basically masked of many faces so much, not even the party knew what he looked like. Another monk revived a long dead order of monks.

    Old Campaigns: only IRL games

    Other Information: I'm up for learning how this works, and I'm willing to try and fit into any campaign. I just love the game and I like being out of my comfort zone when it comes to characters. Looking to get into a game as soon as I can.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Tumek
    Ways to Contact: PM or Email
    Posting Frequency: Daily or every other day
    Type of Campaign: D&D, Dungeon World, open to most
    Types of Characters: Barbarians, warriors but interested in branching out
    Old Characters: N/A Only real-world experience
    Old Campaigns: N/A

    Balancing full time work, a family and staying active doesn't leave much room for recurring tabletop gaming sessions. I'd like to get involved in some PbP action because I always have an hour here or there, every other day available and I miss playing.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Snowbluff
    Ways to Contact: PM
    Posting Frequency: Daily or every other day
    Type of Campaign: DnD 3e, 4e, 5e, or PF.
    Types of Characters: Transforming dudes, I want to play someone who turns in to a dragon atm. I do a lot of weird, gimmicky builds.
    Old Characters: Rain Annabelle A myriad of others.
    Old Campaigns: Lots.

    Looking for something to fill time on days off and commutes.
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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name : bonefang, a.k.a Cedric
    Ways to Contact: PM / Discord
    Posting Frequency: Multiple times on Weekdays, Lesser on Weekends.
    Type of Campaign: DnD 5e (Interested to learn about Other systems)
    Types of Characters: I am not well acquainted with magic systems, I prefer to bash some skulls upfront.
    Old Characters: Many.
    Old Campaigns: Completed 1 full campaign, mostly doing roll20 oneshots.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Shannon

    Ways to Contact: Email or IM

    Posting Frequency: Hourly to Daily in the afternoon and Evenings

    Type of Campaign: 3.5E 5E (willing to try Pathfinder)

    Types of Characters: Fighters, Wizards, Rangers, and Clerics are what I've played so far. My favorite was a battlemaster.

    Old Characters: I've played home games previously. A Ranger outlander (revised), Wizard diviner, Fighter Battlemaster, Fighter Eldritch Knight, Tempest Cleric

    Old Campaigns: They were all Homebrew campaigns

    Other Information: I play D&D for story so I wouldn't be a good choice for games heavily centered on combat.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: Mizu_Makura
    Ways to Contact: PM on here
    Posting Frequency: I'm going to try and be daily, but stuff happens, I could get caught up irl.
    Type of Campaign: d6, D&D (3.5e, 5e, Pathfinder1e,), d20 Modern, M&M 2e&3e. Heroes of the Modern Path
    Types of Characters: I'm usually more of a Martial player, but I still love me a full arcane caster.
    Old Characters: (irl) High Thane Adoril, Fighter/Cavalier/Warmaster, https //www myth-weavers com/sheet html#id=874158
    Old Campaigns: None here, but I played many irl adventures like Temple of Elemental Evil.

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: RNGesus (Dave)
    Ways to Contact: PM, discord
    Discord: RNGesus#6587
    Posting Frequency: I can post anywhere from daily to weekly
    Type of Campaign: d6, 3.5e, 4e, 5e, Pathfinder 1e
    Types of Characters: I play almost everything across the board, i love experimenting
    Old Characters: Many, currently playing a tiefling heretic Inquisitor in a PF game
    Old Campaigns: None on this site, and I'm new to pbp, but I'm ready to learn

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    Default Re: Player Registry

    Name: MechaKingGhidra (Richard)
    Ways to Contact: Private message on here or email
    Posting Frequency: Daily
    Type of Campaign: D&D 5e
    Types of Characters: Preference for monster characters but standard races is fine, non-min/max playstyle (prefer creative/situational characters/classes/builds)
    Other Information: I use MST and live in a region w/o DST. I am a veteran 3.5e player but lost my books, trying to ease into first-time 5e.
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