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    Default Possible In-Person Players?

    (TL-DR: I prefer to play in-person old-school style in WPB, FL area. I might try Roll20, Fantasygrounds, Discord, etc. but I've never used those before.)

    Long-story: I'm looking for players to start a Waterdeep/Undermountain campaign - NOT Dragon Heist or Dungeon of the Mad Mage - using 2nd and 3rd ed. sources.

    This is intended for "old-school" style; specifically, the core rules will be from 3.5e with a lot of borrowing from other edditions, plenty of homebrew content and house rules.

    Ideally, I would like to play in-person with a group of 3 to 5 other people, but I have been considering over-the-Internet options ..

    So please contact me if -
    1. You live nearby (i.e. from Jupiter to Lake Worth, Florida: Palm Beach Gardens - Lake Park - North Palm Beach area, especially) and want to play in an old-school flavored game(*) with an old, experienced dungeon master(**).

    2. You can suggest other places where I can find players in my area or offer recommendations for online play possibilities. I've only ever played Dungeons & Dragons in-person, so I don't know how to use any of these newfangled gadgets to play with other people on a computer.

    3. You want to ask questions about my gaming experience, my campaign, house rules, or anything else D&D related.

    * While there will be plenty of opportunity for socialization and roleplay, the campaign is meant to be an old-fashioned 'kill the monster and take the treasure' dungeon crawl (at least until the main story plot is revealed and things get more interesting <evil DM laugh>). Characters will start the actual adventure at 3rd level, but there will be a 0th - 1st level "flashback scene" to get everyone used to his or her character and the rules first.

    ** I have been playing D&D (mostly as the DM) since the late-80s / early-90s. I started with 2nd ed. and only recently converted to 3.5 a couple years ago. I have no intention of ever playing 5e.

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Custom automated play by post system taking on more players.

    Create your character as you play and then enter this scenario when you are ready: Exorcism At Willow's Creek.

    The setting is medieval fantasy and the hero is you.

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Always accepting new players for an in-person D&D 3.5 community. Groups are based out of Greenville, SC and Tampa, FL, with access for online players fairly regularly via Discord videochat. Message me for contact info. A few notes are given below so you know what you're asking about.

    Spoiler: A few things to know
    System is D&D 3.5e, mostly core but other content will be considered. (We balance to early 3.5, not late 3.5.)
    Adventures mostly play out as a string of one-shots, but characters persist and will interact with bigger picture stories and frequently encounter familiar characters and settings.
    Time passes - a month IRL is a year in-game. Time skips might happen about once a year.
    The world is not static. Things change, often driven by the players.
    We don't restrict players from being evil. We have found that when a player works against the community, the issue... self-corrects.
    We start at level 1, but you'll level quickly (once per session for the first 2-3 levels) and your first PC with us is level 3 anyway.
    There's usually at least one session a week, sometimes more. Timing varies, usually weekday evenings though.
    We have players all over the upstate, with potential session locations from Clemson, to Taylors, to Simpsonville.
    If you need me for anything, or I forgot about something, PM me and I'll see it.
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    I guess I'll amend my original statement and instead say that Pathfinder is close enough to 3.5 to spark an argument about how close it actually is.

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    Post Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Gurps 4e hard scifi.
    Playing over Roll20 with Discord VC.
    5am UTC Saturdays. Subject to be shifted about for your convenience. Sessions generally 3 hrs.
    I'm not a particularly experienced GM, and this is my first GURPS 4e game.

    Current long term campaign goal: escape this planet (alive hopefully)

    Currently 8 sessions in, not much to catch up on.

    If interested, please send me a forum message so we can connect over Discord and talk more. Happy to answer any questions.
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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Been running a 3.5 gestalt monster game for over a year on Giantitp, and I want a few more players to write with!
    I use Rokugan as a setting, with deviations from the canonical story. You need not be too familiar with the L5R setting, but it can help. The country of Rokugan has existed for over 2 generations since any credible threat has knocked on their borders, and much of the country has fallen into relaxed prosperity. Recently, several accidents among the various clans have gone either unnoticed or unaddressed, and the country faces more serious risks than the clan leaders will accept. But Corvus, what does this have to do with me? What an excellent question!

    The party is a group of antiheroes given tasks by a mysterious dark voice that asks them to shake country up so that it doesn't slip into courtly excess and softness. Help the Rokugani sober up and address the coming conflicts by whatever means you see fit. The PCs are just starting to become powerful enough to take bold steps instead of skulking in the shadows, and I think it would be better to have a few more to come along.

    Still interested? Want to make a character? Excellent. I want characters in the Tier 2-3 range, and if you see the original recruitment thread, you'll notice there are quite a few changes I've used for the 3.5 rules, but they mostly involve relieving you of feat-taxes and lessening the strain of skills.

    If you want to write with us and join a game that will last, please send me a PM or ping me on Discord!
    Spoiler: My discord name is as follows

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Veteran DM getting back into the swing of things in the Milwaukee, WI area.

    Currently working on Tomb of Annihilation with heavy plot changes (8 games in and the curse hasn't started yet). Depending on the group that forms, I have two possible campaigns of my own that could be done after that, or keep it simple and use published material modified so the plots make more sense.

    The ideal player would be about the same and could bring in some creativity into the group, able to talk logic, not be afraid of snarky humor, and be a decent person I could talk to after game too. My wife plays with us but had died just as often than other players (I have slept on the couch before). Could be open to 2 players, but after that logistics get tricky.

    We meet every 3-4 weeks usually on Saturdays. Players We usually stick to the books, but I am playing around with ways to use money better and know how to manage homebrew (see my links).

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    I'm starting a DND 5e game using the program maptools for the virtual tabletop.

    The game will run Fridays at 7:30 CST and we use discord for OOC group chat.

    This will be an rp heavy game in a homebrew setting similar in tech to 1920's Europe.

    If your interested, feel free to pm me or ping me on discord on Lethys#5674

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Earth shares some portals with a magical fantasy world similar to Third Earth from the Original Thundercats. Meaning, a world where most life is populated by anthropomorphic entities such as beastmen and catmen, etcetera, a world of mysterious origins that could be linked with Earth, for example, but has a mixture of archaic technology with some more modern and sci fi combinations. The fantasy world is likely post Apocalyptic and has been in the process of restoring civilization for centuries, and this is where you come in, in lieu with power sets given to characters who exist in fiction.

    It wouldn't start out as a save the world scenario, it would be more like an investigation in what is going on, how did you get there, why do you have your powers, and how do you get back home?
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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Empire 5! Galactic Empire is now starting recruiting.

    Empire! is a long running Community World Building Game. A game of gods, kings and adventurers. In this game, you will play a leader of a region. And once s/he dies, you will play their heir and so on, continuing on the family legacy. You scheme, discover and conquer your way towards becoming the most-remembered person in history. Respected, loved, feared.

    This universe will start as a space-faring intergalactic community of alien races establishing first contact with other intelligent denizens of the galaxy, but through the actions of players and random events the scope of the world will expand, science marches on and magic will be enhanced. Magic is spread throughout the galaxy, though for many it has been replaced with technological advancement. Monsters may abound in players’ regions; strange natural resources, the crafts of advanced science, powerful psionics, and lost ancient knowledge may be at their use.

    Best beware if you want to ensure your legacy.

    ------------- Note:

    There is no 'winning' in this game. There is only 'having fun' and 'being creative'. There are situations that you will come out as the victor, but also situations where you will be the loser. If you are looking for a game where you can be 'the winner' all the time, you may want to look elsewhere. But if you want a game where you can role play with a vast group of veteran players who are more than happy to make new friends and walk you through creating your own Stellar Power? Welcome. We hope to see you there!
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    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    The Council of Cavan
    Now recruiting.

    Play as a council of 6 in charge of a medium sized city state. I'm aiming for a game somewhere between a particularly political RPG, and a game of Civilization (or some other empire building game). The story takes place over months and years, rather than days or weeks.

    Something of an experiment, I plan to run a relatively short campaign, just to see how this concept of works.
    It started in the first world, long ago.
    We solved the the first of riddles, the code of life.
    On the backs of slaves, we traveled out into the great dark void between worlds.

    And then... we created the gods.

    Nine Gardens.
    Insane "Benevolent" AI. Genetically engineered witch queens. Strange robots.
    Faulty Terraforming. A Space Opera RPG.

    Seeking feedback on:
    Character building rules(page 4). Lore (page 6). What classes catch peoples eye? (page 5).
    Oots thread here.

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Tales of the Library is opening recruiting for 1 player , D&D 3.5 the party is composed as follow :

    1. Wizard
    2. Cleric
    3. Bard
    4. Factotum

    the party need a Fighter class character, (fighter, Barbarian, monk or others)
    please do not choose psionic classes

    the Adventure plot can be summarized as follows :

    the party has teamed up with an "Archeologist" and they discovered an hidden technology from a forgotten empire, unofrtunately it is not fully working and they are now looking for a power source in the north area of the Faerun

    whoever is interested to participate please PM me

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Dark swords-and-sorcery saga, where the heroes are hunting witches deemed responsible for a mysterious plague that enfeebles the minds of its victims. To be played on these forums - please review longer summary, and post interest, here.

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players

    Hong Kong, 2019

    It's been over two decades since the handover of Hong Kong, and the streets are rife with tension. Those out of the know focus solely on obscene housing prices, the erosion of political autonomy, and, of course, the fact there's no more good dramas on TV anymore. But all of this is just a happy lie people tell themselves.

    The truth is much more sinister. The world's most powerful monsters, both western and eastern in origin, are laying claim to the former colony. Old, proud scourges of Black Court Vampires find themselves being undermined from the shadows by Jade Court operatives. The promise of riches in the Pearl of the Ocean has also led to an ongoing battle between the old rich dragons of yesteryear and younger, more ambitious dragons from the mainland. Even wizards, known for their neutrality in mortal affairs are seeing the rise of practitioners taking political sides. Indeed, the city known for its lush multicultural identity has literal monsters and magic-users serving as proxies for the struggle between East and West. It seems such contentions might eventually collapse Hong Kong and take all mortals with it.

    The only question left: Where do you stand?


    Welcome to a Dresden Files Roleplaying Game set in modern-day Hong Kong!


    See this link for the rest of the recruitment ad. Looking for 4-5 characters with a post rate of 1 post every 3 days.

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    Default Re: Currently Recruiting Players


    Experienced face-to-face and play-by-post DM, recruiting for a play by post on these forums:

    Saqqara and the Restless Dead.

    Looking for three to four players who like Ancient Egypt, swords & sorcery, intrigue, horror, and/or the Barbarians of Lemuria rule set. Prefer players who would like to play traditional heroes wielding khopesh and spear, but willing to accept one with career points in Magician and one with career points in Priest. The rule set doesn't use alignments, but selfish / evil characters would be discouraged not only by me but by the very nature of the setting.

    On the bluff above the marshy and fertile flood plain, in the hard land at the edge of the Sunset Desert, a city of tombs lurks under the vast purple cloak of the night sky. There is no moon, only the light that shimmers from the stars of Hathor’s Girdle. A faint odor of rotting flesh wafts through the city ...

    ... Rumors say that the Pharaoh Akhenaten is angry at all the priests of all the Four Halves of the Two Lands – but in this city those rumors have been heard only by the priests of the Osiris Temple.
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