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    Default I Need Help With Marvel Heroic Character Creation

    Our group is going to do a campaign using this system in a month or so and I have no idea how to really build an original character. The campaign setting is that the players are going to be new students at Xavier Institute, and are basically forming a new X-team. I have my character outlined, including back story and powers. I'm just having trouble figuring out how to get the build to match the character. I have a good chunk of the mechanics figured out, but I'm stuck on how to create a power set with the powers and effects that capture the feel of the character.

    Here is what I have on the character so far:
    Name: Marion Wayne Jeffries
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 5'9"
    Weight: 152 lbs

    Affiliations: Solo D6, Buddy D8, Team d10
    Distinctions: Xavier Student, Recklessly Brave, Good Heart
    -Superhero Fan
    1-Introduce yourself to a famous superhero
    3-Learn something new about a famous superhero
    10-Do something that will get either praise or criticism from a famous superhero
    -Heroic Ambition
    1-Save an innocent
    3-Fight one-on-one with a super villian
    10-Accept or decline an offer to join a superhero team

    That's what I have so far. It's just I'm having trouble figuring out the mechanical aspect of how to represent his powers. Here below is a brief description of what his power is and what he can do with it:

    Integrative Ferrokinesis: Wayne has the ability to integrate any metal he touches into his molecular structure and control it. This allows for a multitude of abilities.
    -Metal Absorption: If Wayne is not actively controlling any integrated metal, it spreads evenly throughout his body, increasing his strength and durability. The more metal that is stored this way the strong er tougher he gets, but he can injure himself if he tries to carry more than his body can handle weight-wise. He can spread or concentrate the metal in his body at will, allowing him to do things like setting his bones or increasing traction. He can also absorb metal-based weapons and projectiles, but he needs to know it is coming or else it will effect him normally. He is also immune to all forms of metal poisoning.
    -Transmutation: Foundry can freely control the shape, state, and identity of any metal that is integrated with him. This allows for the creation of things such as weapons and armor. If he concentrates properly, he is also capable of creating dynamic constructs out side his body such as extra limbs, but only if the metal is still in contact with him. He can even change one metal into another, but this is quite tiring, and the effects are only temporary.

    Well that's the bare bones of it. I'm only asking for help here because I'm really lost when it comes to this system. If you have any further questions, please ask!
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    Default Re: I Need Help With Marvel Heroic Character Creation

    Doesn't sound too hard. I'll brush through my copy sometime later and toss something out.

    The metal absorption sounds like it has a few limits, such as "Limit. Heavy Metal: turn a Metal Absorption power trait into a Complication for the duration of the scene." You could also either give a static d10 Strength and d10 Durability, or start it off lower and have an SFX that lets you step up the die. The metal sounds like the Phasing power, just call it something like Metal Phasing d8, and don't worry about the "must be aware" bit. If it succeeds, say that he noticed it, and if it fails, say that he didn't notice it coming in time.

    I'm inclined to give the metal poisoning immunity as an SFX, as it's really specific. Oh, and don't forget the Mutant limit. Hmmm. You could also, instead of the Strength/Durability die step-up, have the power create Assets, which represent the metal in his body.

    Transmutation is already a power, I'd start tinkering with that (and add in appropriate Limits, applying it only to metal); add in an asset-creation SFX (like Invisible Woman's "Invisible Constructs" SFX), and you should be good.

    I'll check the book with more concrete ideas, but maybe that gets you started?
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    Default Re: I Need Help With Marvel Heroic Character Creation

    That sounds got. You made up an interesting ability. I guess, Foundry is a mutant, so you should take the Mutant limit.

    Your ability to take in too much metal and injuring yourself, sounds like a Dangerous SFX. Suggested name: Metal intake overdose.

    You might like Immunity SFX, if you can take in metal on impact.

    Additional arms and weapons might also justify Construct SFX.

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