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    Exclamation [3.5] NPC request

    Hey all,

    Need some help throwing together a quick NPC for a game.

    Bugbear Werewolf (natural, not afflicted) Druid 5?

    Starting stats before racial mods and levels ups: STR 13, DEX 12, CON 14, INT 10, WIS 15, CHA 8

    Materials: core only (SRD OK, excluding Psionics).

    ...I always struggle to get Lycanthrope stat blocks right.

    I want him to be fairly optimized to fight PCs. He will have other Bugbears (mostly unlevelled) as backup.

    TIA - Thurbane

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    Default Re: [3.5] NPC request

    Do you not know How to do the math for this sort of character?

    Were-wolf, so wolf as the creature.

    2d8 wolf HD, in addition to the 5d8 from druid and 3d8 from Bugbear.

    +2 level adjustment, +1 bugbear for ECL13.

    What level is your party?

    Normal form's ability scores are the normal bugbear adjustments of +4 strength, +2 dex and con, -2 cha, then add the racial mod of the Wolf to that in wolf or hybrid form (+2 str, +4 dex and con).

    All of that HD stacks for BAB, saves, and feats; the Monster Manual has the progressions you'll need to look up.

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    Default Re: [3.5] NPC request

    He is referring to this rather obscure detail:

    Hit Dice and Hit Points
    Same as the base creature plus those of the base animal. To calculate total hit points, apply Constitution modifiers according to the score the lycanthrope has in each form.

    As written you will have to keep track of two hit point pools: one that is the animal hd + con + animal con and another that is humanoid hd + con.

    for example: a human fighter 4, wizard 1, dire wolf (6d8) lycanthrope npc with a base constitution of 14 would have:
    4d10+1d4+10 (39hp) from his class levels (max at first level and half the rest) plus 6d8+30 (57hp) from the dire wolf hd with 20 constitution

    This results in 39+57=96 hp

    Hope this was not to confusing.
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