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    This was literally talked about with my friend about 4 minutes ago.

    A fighter with the chicken infested flaw, who then takes weapon proficiency, focus, specialization etc etc, with chickens, and gets the leadership feat, taking all followers as chicken tamers and some casters who will magic up the chickens. So we end up with an army of chickens varying from small to colossal, being used for everything that animals are used for. Pets, beasts of burden, mounts, warbeasts, siege enders. You know, the usual.

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    Quote Originally Posted by _flint_ View Post
    This is my take on the trouserfang dwarf. It uses a modified version of the "can't touch this" build by Person_Man

    It's a natural attack charger/tank. The crusader level is for the Leading the Charge stance and effective DR/5
    Sir, I love you forever. I think my DM is going to be rather surprised when I pull this outta nowehere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metahuman1 View Post
    Ok, that's neat. But can it do the combat stuff while maintaining Fine size? (I find the idea of the 4 in tall character beating Dragons and Trolls and Werewolves and such senseless.
    It's a psychic warrior! Of course it can do "combat stuff!"
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    My Mecha-Godzilla:
    Warforged Juggernaut / Artificer. Jaws of Death, Elemental Graft (Heat-Beam Eyes), Weapon Familiar (Prehensile Tail), Armbow (Rocket Fingers), Winged Boots (Flight). Am I missing something? Apart from Size, that one always stumped me.
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