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    So I've been thinking I needed to make a thread in case inspiration suddenly strikes me and I want to write a short story about my four 3.5 characters. Right now, I'll just put in little bios for them, so *ahem*

    Locke is a twenty-four-year-old Human Fighter hailing from Anowak, the vast Western continent in which my stories take place (Think a mixture of various Native American tribes with early Renaissance Europe magitech). An idealist, Locke left his home village in pursuit of adventure. He wants nothing more than to right wrongs and fight evil. He's a fair bit smarter than he looks, though; he's a skilled tactician and leader, even if he has some things to learn. Appearance wise, he's a lean yet muscular warrior clad in hide armor, carrying a longbow and a greatsword.

    Kaya is a twenty-three-year-old Shifter Trapsmith. Ever since she was young, she'd been fascinated by the technology used by trappers when hunting game - Eventually, she managed to learn enough about trapsmithing to improvise traps on the fly. Headstrong and aggressive, Kaya is an old friend of Locke's. She carries a hand crossbow and a pair of daggers.

    Ursa is a twenty-seven-year-old Goliath Barbarian. She's been a fighter all her life - shortly before she joined Locke's crew, she was a gladiator in an illegal Hobgoblin fighting pit. She's stoic and blunt, never mincing words when actions will do.

    Scops is a thirty-one-year-old Raptoran Ranger. He would have much rather been a Wizard, but unfortunately, he was sent out on the Walk of the Four Winds well before he had any chance to learn basic magic. Pessimistic and overly cautious, he also has a pretty bad streak of bad luck.

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    Wait... a goliath was a fighter in an illegal hobgoblin fighting pit? As in, she fought hobgoblins, or as in, the hobgoblins were running it? The way it was phrased, I immediately thought she was fighting the hobgoblins.
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