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Thread: Tiers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spuddles View Post
    Oh yeah, do you happen to have ANY evidence to support your assertions that playing Batman or GOD or Cindy or the Wish & the Word is self evident?
    Straw man is made of straw.

    Did I claim that that was the natural outcome of playing a wizard? No. What I said was that it was easy to optimize a wizard, because of all the various options they have. When you have a wealth of options, it is much easier to choose a better one for the situation. I didn't say that you have to use Orb of Acid with metamagic up the wazoo, or Scry-and-Die. Take a simple hypothetical, two encounters faced by a level one wizard. One is four goblins. The other is a kobold sorcerer. I have Sleep and Magic Missile prepared. One is clearly better for one situation - Sleep gives me a very good chance of taking at least one goblin out of the fight, maybe even all four. Magic Missile maybe takes out one. The other may or may not be better for the single-target situation, but Sleep is still not a bad choice. And those are just spells - the wizard can just straight up attack with a crossbow or something, or get his familiar to attack as well.

    The fighter? "Attack."

    Is it "optimization" to recognize that, on its face, Sleep is generally a better spell? Your assertions seem to imply that yes, it is.

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