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    Default We ALL learn to draw (better)! - Drawing Tutorials and Exercises

    I think I would feel silly starting a thread just for myself and probably never getting back to it within a week.

    I've been drawing all my life and have tried to seriously train my skill several times over the past 10 years or so, but usually stuck to it only for a few weeks or just days. It's quite decent now I think. But I am terribly impatient and always looking for shortcuts that can get me ahead faster than just drawing badly over and over. I still have to make lots of somewhat bad drawings, but I always feel that one improves much faster when one knows what one is actually trying to do and why other artists draw things as they do. I can draw front and profile as much as I want, that will never help me figuring out how to get every possible angle right.
    And that's where tutorials come in.

    Wanting to set a good example, I start with a link to a tutorial that explains the wireframe technique to create natural poses and proportions when drawing people. When I googled for a good one, I happened to stumble on the one that I actually started with 8 years ago. I liked it back then and I can still recommend it to anyone who isn't familiar with the technique.
    Figure Drawing: Basic Pose and Construction

    And now to my own personal request for tutorial links that other people may know:
    The one thing with which I always have by far the hardest time is faces. I can draw a perfectly great body with clothing and hair and everything, and then the whole thing is ruines by a trainwreck of eraser marks where the head is supposed to be. I really like lineart styles and working without textures and just a limited amount of shading, and since less lines means less chance to screw up, manga style faces are an obvious point to start.
    Does anyone know good tutorials that explain how the individual parts of the face are constructed? I found a number that goes like "draw this, and now this, and now this, and now this", but I don't feel like those help me to find out how I want my faces to look by trying out different techniques. There are also a bunch of catalogs of exe shapes and hair styles, but without explaination how they are constructed I don't feel like they enable me to create my own styles. Anyone any links to something that might help with that?
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    Default Re: We ALL learn to draw (better)! - Drawing Tutorials and Exercises

    Well, from that link you're still a good bit better than me. But I'll try that tutorial now.
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    Default Re: We ALL learn to draw (better)! - Drawing Tutorials and Exercises

    Great tutorial, one of the best I've encountered so far ;)
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    Default Re: We ALL learn to draw (better)! - Drawing Tutorials and Exercises

    Gotta say, after three years of not drawing I actually picked up my pencil again after reading that article.

    Thanks, Yora!
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