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    Default Paragon UA question

    The book states "Paragon class levels can be taken any time a character gains a new level, even at 1st level (in which case they receive four times the normal
    number of skill points gained at each succeeding level)."

    My question is this:
    So if I take a paragon level at 1st level (being the exemplar of my race) every level thereafter I gain x+Int times 4? Until lvl 20? Past it?

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    Default Re: Paragon UA question

    No. It works exactly the same as every other class. 4x the skill points at 1st level, normal skill points after.

    All that is saying, is that if the class gained 2+ Int skill points per level, you would gain 4x(2+Int) if it was your first class level.

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    Default Re: Paragon UA question

    yeah, it is worded a bit funny. depending on the emphasis of your inflection when reading it makes it sound like IF you take the paragon at first level you get the x4 at every succeeding paragon lvl. Which having only three made a bit of sense to me. thanks for clarifying that.... although it still makes my eyes cross a bit reading it. lol

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