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    Default Help us choose the voice of the Infernal Language!

    We'd like to invite the entire D&D community to help the Orange County Gaming Group choose the voice for one of the most sinister and mysterious languages in fantasy gaming, Infernal.

    OCGG has commissioned voice over artists through Audio Catch to bring life to this language by asking them to leverage their own creative insights and voice loosely structured prompts. Please listen to the finalists ( and vote for your favorite artist listed in the Favorite's tab. A basic rundown of the artist's directions:
    This Gig is for 5 (five) short, roughly 7 10 second clips and 1 (one) longer, 15 - 20 second clip, of spoken Infernal in various different tones and emotions in order to maximize use in a wide range of in-game situations. They are as follows:

    7 10 second clips, each
    1. Neutral, baseline, conversational
    2. Collected, snide, condescending
    3. Angry, violent
    4. Disgusted, revolted
    5. Rousing, call to battle, maligned inspirational

    15 - 20 second clip
    1. Formal, as in speaking with to a superior

    OCGG is dedicated to improving the tabletop experience for everyone, if you'd like a copy of the winning entry to use in your games, please contact me through our Facebook page at:

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    Default Re: Help us choose the voice of the Infernal Language!

    I vote for the last one, AIFR.
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    Default Re: Help us choose the voice of the Infernal Language!

    Definitely the last one, although the first one's not bad either. And I really like MontyLewisSauerwein's entry, although I don't think it's "evil" enough to be Infernal, really.

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