Okay, so I came up with an idea for an imaginary firearm for a fantasy setting, and I'd like a drawing of it. It has 2 barrels next to each other (like many shotguns), and a laser sight underneath them, in the concave bit between them. (Obviously, they're all circles from a head-on view, with the laser sight being slightly smaller). Directly attached to the barrels (again in the space between them, but this time on top) are several somewhat large lenses spaced out along their length. The lenses should be tinted slightly purple (but each a different shade thereof) in order to show that they are magical. The stock is made of a reddish wood with a heavy grain, and is finely polished (the metal parts of the gun are also polished and shiny, but the stock is more so). There are rainbow-colored sparkles around the trigger in order to show that it is part of a magical (rather than mechanical) ignition mechanism. The barrels are about 3-4 feet long.

Anyone think they could draw that? I would really appreciate it!