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    Default pf kingmaker barbarian

    Hey guys. I am going to play a kingmaker game and i want to play a barbarian. I have a 20 pt buy and i am thinking human or halforc. No one in my party but me optimizes so i want a mid op barb. I know what i want more or less but i want to take a prc just not sure which one. As for feats...ive looked over guides but....i dont really like what i saw. Im open to all suggestions so please post awat.

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    Default Re: pf kingmaker barbarian

    Mounted Fury Barbarian into Mammoth Rider.
    Don't forget Boon Companion Feat to make up the 'effective level' difference.

    That is all.

    P.S. It doesn't have to be a Mammoth. It can also be a DINOSAUR! RAWR!

    Edit: Or this.
    Make sure you go Martial Artist Monk so that you can be Not-Lawful so you can take Barbarian levels.
    Optimized? Kinda.
    Utterly hilarious for Kingmaker? Hells yes.
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    Default Re: pf kingmaker barbarian

    Sorry, not too familiar with king-maker, but I believe the general concept is, you are carving out a kingdom.

    I suggest a half-orc, former slave, who is trying to unite a kingdom of free peoples, and is civilized monster friendly.

    you specialize in the sunder combat maneuver, "breaking the chains of tyranny". which is hardly optimal, but not entirely useless either, when fighting anything with weapons, armor, holy symbols, or fetishes of some sort.

    Feats & Rage Powers
    1 power attack
    2 reckless abandon
    3 toughness <-- pre-req for reverse feint
    4 strength surge
    5 improved sunder
    6 smasher
    7 greater sunder
    8 unexpected strike
    9 reverse feint <-- poor man's come and get me
    10 ground breaker
    11 combat reflexes
    12 come and get me
    13 destroyer's blessing

    Use the Breaker Archetype, and at level 3 start to use a broken great sword. at level 7 when you are using greater sunder, you will be getting +4 damage (from the archetype) to sunders and be able to ignore the hardness (thanks to the "smasher" rage power). The excess damage you do to the objects you break will be applied to whoever was holding or wearing the object (due to greater sunder). By level 12 you will be getting +8 total from archetype.

    NOTE: Not all of the bonus archetype damage is only applied to sunders. (+1 damage/3 levels, above 3) but the majority is gained from the 1/2 level damage bonus to sunders.

    You can sentimentally use the broken sword, saying it was broken while sundering the chains of slaves. This will lend credibility to your cause and inspire your subjects.

    On your turn you will be breaking something and possibly killing whoever was holding or wearing it. On the opponents turn you will be wrecking whoever decides to attack you or step near you (unexpected strike, reverse feint, and come and get me)

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