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    Default Colors of the Rainbow!

    A player of mine wants to take some Prismatic spells. Now, I love the Prismatic spells. I went hunting for some, and realized there are a lot more than I thought. So I'm starting this thread with the intent of compiling a complete list of every Prismatic spell in one place, as well as where they come from.

    Items found so far:

    Seven Veils (MIC)

    Classes found so far:

    Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil (CA)

    Prismatic spells found so far:

    Level 1:
    Prismatic Grasp

    Level 2:
    Prismatic Missile

    Level 3:
    Prismatic Mist (PHBII)

    Level 4:
    Prismatic Blade

    Level 5:
    Prismatic Ray (SpC)

    Level 6:
    Prismatic Eye (SpC)
    Prismatic Aura (CM)

    Level 7:
    Prismatic Spray (PHB)

    Level 8:
    Prismatic Bow (CM)
    Prismatic Wall (PHB)

    Level 9:
    Prismatic Sphere (PHB)
    Prismatic Deluge (SpC)

    So! Are there any others I've missed? Oh, and while we're on the subject, are there any classes that work around this concept? I'll post those here too. I'm accepting homebrew in this thread as well!

    So please, post more spells or classes if you know them, as well as saying where you found them, and I'll update them into this post. Thank you for your help!
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    Default Re: Colors of the Rainbow!

    Searching around, Prismatic Aura from CMage is the only one I'm seeing missed.

    Of PrCs, the big one is Initiate of the Sevenfold Veil (CArc), and of items, there's the Seven Veils item set in MIC. I think I remember another FR PrC that I'll look around for, but I might be making that up.

    EDIT: I think I'm making that up.

    There's also the Prismatic Golem in MM3 and Prismatic Burst weapon property in MIC. If there's a way to possess an expensive Incorporeal Spell-Immune construct, I'm sure they could combine for a hilarious gish-type.
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    Default Re: Colors of the Rainbow!

    Not technically prismatic, but...

    Color Spray (PHB)
    Blinding color surge (PHB 2)
    Rainbow Pattern (PHB)

    is pretty close

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    Default Re: Colors of the Rainbow!

    Not technically prismatic, but...

    Color Spray (PHB)
    Blinding color surge (PHB 2)
    Rainbow Pattern (PHB)

    is pretty close
    i know that paizo considers most of the illusion [pattern] school spells to be a good representation of prismatic style effects

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    Default Re: Colors of the Rainbow!

    Energy Spheres (Spell Compendium, Sor/Wiz 4)
    Radiant Assault (Spell Compendium, Clr/Sor/Wiz 7)
    Rainbow Beam (Spell Compendium, Sor/Wiz 2)
    Rainbow Blast (Spell Compendium, Sor/Wiz 3)
    Shax's Indispensable Haversack, TWF OffHandbook
    Archon of Nine, Jellobomber, King of Pong, Lightning Thief
    Druidzilla, Healbot, Gish
    Iron Chef:

    Verelka Thunderfoot (Serene Guardian)
    Vampire Hunter D (Risen Martyr)
    Vultag Thunderkeg (Great Rift Skyguard)
    Vreeb Veebilbrixt (Twisted Lord)
    Dokar Jaggedfang (Hand of the Winged Masters)
    Black Sparrow (Master of Many Forms)

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    Default Re: Colors of the Rainbow!

    I played a sorcerer whose themes was colors. Color Spray, Hypnotic Pattern, Rainbow Pattern fit the bill, but not every spell needs the entire rainbow explicitly.

    Ray Of Enfeeblement - black
    Magic Missile - different color orbs
    Benign Transposition - "create a rainbow bridge" between the two participants
    Darkvision - make the dark light for you
    Displacement - Change your colors as others perceive
    Dimension Door - Hop the rainbow
    Teleport - Jump the rainbow
    Plane Shift, Gate - Over the rainbow
    Disintegrate - green
    Scorching Ray - red
    Lesser Globe of Invulnerability - white translucent bubble
    Identify - Perceive all the colors of an object
    Dispel Magic - Destroy the colors of magic
    Invisibility - Hide my colors

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    Default Re: Colors of the Rainbow!

    If Dragon is allowed, Dragon 321 has a light based plane. There's at least one spell new to the book, and a whole rainbow domain.
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