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    Default Falling Star Style STill good?

    Hey all, was the falling star martial style for archers ever considers good for a homebrew?

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    Default Re: Falling Star Style STill good?

    Might be useful to link it so people could judge it. I have heard it recommended so it probably is not too bad anyway.

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    Default Re: Falling Star Style STill good?

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    Default Re: Falling Star Style STill good?

    I think Edea's used to be the most popular. cropping up in the DSP guys' sublime ranger/marshal and a few other homebrew projects. I remember it being pretty good for mundane battlefield control, but I can't find a complete copy of it.

    If you're digging up homebrew that references that school, I'd recommend picking a different discipline to fill the archery role.

    EDIT: Of course, as soon as I post that, I do a Google search and find it reposted among the first couple hits. On how good that discipline specifically is, it's solid, but more of a party player/assistant than a striker or tank.
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    Default Re: Falling Star Style STill good?

    Fax Celestis post on these forums is the original. It's a great discipline. Well balanced, makes archery work.

    That's the only write up/link that's ever felt complete. Others have reposted it or edited it elsewhere, and it has always felt lacking.
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    Default Re: Falling Star Style STill good?

    Fax's Falling Star is great, but if you use it, note that the DCs are screwed up and need to be adjusted to follow ToB precedent.
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