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    Default spontaneous mystic ranger..

    For reference.. dragon magazine 336 page 105. How does one make the mystic ranger to be spontaneous variant instead of prepared?

    Other than arrowsplit and the four 24-hour primal buffs. What other ranger spells should on said spontanous list?

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    Default Re: spontaneous mystic ranger..

    Just grabbing the Bard casting progression and maybe cherrypicking a few level 6 Druid/Cleric spells would be less stupid than the Mystic Ranger's "Sorcerer to L10, then just stop" progression. I'd do that.

    On top-choice Ranger spells, I'd say:
    L1: Arrowmind (SpC), Blockade (CSco), Hunter's Eye (PHB2), Hunter's Mercy (SpC), Rhino's Rush (SpC), Entangle, Embrace the Wild (SpC), Guided Arrow (SpC), Instant of Power (FoW), Resist Energy
    L2: Lion's Charge (SpC), Listening Lorecall (SpC), Wind Wall, Burrow (SpC), Fell the Greatest Foe (SpC), Spell-slaying Arrow (CoR), Bottomless Hate (Ghost), Barkskin/Halo of Sand (Sand), Near Horizon (CMag)
    L3: Arrow/Bladestorm (SpC), Bottle of Smoke (SpC)
    L4: Freedom of Movement, Foebane (SpC), Tree Stride, Implacable Pursuer (SpC)
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