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    Default Re: Incompetent Coworkers

    I was senior staff at a bank. Specifically the busiest location in town.
    It was bad enough that I was running central treasury (an open to close task on it's own) and getting my other work caught up (I would be returning calls and counting money, and never miss a penny!), and giving the junior tellers authorizations for transactions, and doing the clearing (cheques) in batches of 250.

    But when everyone went on lunch/bathroom/coffee break at pretty much the same time and left an entire lineup of customers with no one at the teller line?

    I logged on to two workstations, took two clients at a time, and did gangbuster sales/referals at the same time, and managed to stay caught up on all my central treasury duties.

    The manager found all of them in the back, wondered who was out front, found me tanking the entire line myself. This was not an entirely irregular occurance for me.
    In this particular instance, not only did she bake me a cake that night, she scolded the others.
    Now that sounds dandy right?

    So I go for a promotion, and get turned down. Why? Because I wasn't enough like the rest of the tellers, I apparently was not as productive as they were, etc.

    Oh well. The momentary justice was still kind of cool.
    And that, among many other reasons, is why I don't work at the bank anymore.
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    Default Re: Incompetent Coworkers

    Quote Originally Posted by Karoht View Post
    So I go for a promotion, and get turned down. Why? Because I wasn't enough like the rest of the tellers
    That's messed up.

    When I started with my current company one of the guys I worked with was if I'm being charitable, not pleasant. The most glaring citation I can make is that he tied a live mouse to an iron bar with four inches of dangling string once and was trying to find a way to make the bar spin in one of our centrifuges and swing the mouse around. Why? He wanted to see whether the mouse or the string would break first. Really. I got mad, he got loud (because apparently trying to see how much it takes to rip a live mouse in half is a defensible "scientific experiment" in a chemical lab), and then he ended up getting fired because 1) that's just screwed up, and 2) he willfully damaged a seven thousand dollar machine for the sole reason that he wanted to hurt an animal. The centrifuge actually needed replacement.

    My current boss is as flaky and socially incompetent as you get, to a frustrating, if darkly amusing degree. He'll schedule meetings and not show up, he talks crap about people in emails and sometimes sends them to the wrong people... I think he does it on purpose. He's also got a massive humor tumor; a few weeks ago he wanted to fire one of my chemists for telling me "get on my level, scrub!" when he rigged a broken broom handle back together with a piece of rubber pipe and clamps. I told him it wasn't worth the effort, but it took him like a minute and a half to do. It was funny and we laughed, but my boss wanted to fire him for it. I don't even...

    The CEO seems like he's a good guy but it's not like I answer to him or deal with him often, and it's as if everybody I've got to deal with in between is an idiot or a Hun. Not even productive Huns like Attila, the kind of Huns who play too much Call of Duty and call their subordinate commanders pansies for not attacking Rome with three geriatric horsemen and a butter knife.
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