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    Default Increase Caster Level

    I need to find ways to increase Caster Level for a feat.
    I already have Practiced Spellcaster but because of my build I am not taking any other classes and I will not gain any higher CL with my current progression. I am also Feat starved so I am hoping for any spell, or magic item that can increase CL. Just one more CL will suffice. Thank you.

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    Default Re: Increase Caster Level

    I had this problem in qualifying for a Crafting feat at 5th level with a dip in a non-progression class before going into a dual-progression class. I wanted to take up Craft Wand, but had Cleric 4 and Warlock1 at the time.

    I made the character an Aasimar, took the Heavenborn alternate features, one of which includes a +1 caster level for specific spells, and used that to have "caster level 5" even if it was only for specific spells.

    Not sure if that will suffice, or if it's even acceptable RAW, so check with your DM first before using anything of the sort.

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    Default Re: Increase Caster Level

    The create magic tattoo spell is quick and easy. If you're an arcane caster, a ring of arcane might is expensive, but it works.

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