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    Default Social Media and Social Change: Important or Not?

    Following a discussion I had with a friend about the significance of the internet, I wanted to get a little more input on what you guys think about how important it is (or could be) in creating, organizing, and sustaining political movements. I feel like I've heard a lot about how incredibly revolutionary tools like Twitter and Facebook are for bringing people together, but I'm not convinced it isn't overstated.

    What do you guys think? Can internet communities band together to stick it to the powerful in a fundamentally new way, or is it just slacktivism that makes you feel good without accomplishing anything?
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    Default Re: Social Media and Social Change: Important or Not?

    Well it's only slacktivism if colluding on the web is the entire political movement. I mean, the whole Stop SOPA thing happened, and seemed to work, but I wouldn't call that a sustained political movement. Sitting on a computer is slacking, but using the internet to find like-minded people and set up demonstrations and gain supporters is not hard and turns into straight up activism. I can think of a couple groups that do it that way.

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    Default Re: Social Media and Social Change: Important or Not?

    Sheriff: Political discussion is not permitted on this forum.
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