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    Default What class for a ... kinda weird half-dragon ?

    First of all, hello 'verybody. (my very first post !)

    So, here's the story :

    Imagine a classic bard. Like Elan. Well, maybe more like a way too much Belkar-influenced Elan. And half-elf.
    This little bard, along his adventures, came to make a pact with an Elder Red Dragon. More precisely, the dragon made a pact with the bard where the bard became, more or less, his slave.
    => at this point, my bard started to work out a Dragon Disciple class (2 levels taken).
    The pact kinda turned out weird and wrong, and the dragon and the bard shared bloods ; then he slept with a Black dragon, changed sex, got pregnant, and more important turned into a Half-dragon. (yeah, my DM is... special.)

    My problem is that, according to core rules, a half-dragon can't go Dragon Disciple (except when level 10) ; so I figure that I shouldn't carry on that career. (my DM thinks I maybe could, but to me it doesn't feel coherent anymore).
    I could, of course, continue taking bard levels (an option I seriously consider), but these do not reflect very much the PC the way he turned out to be.

    I found one or two homebrewd prestige class dragon-related, but they pretty much go around the "riding a dragon" style, which is, in my position, not an option.

    So, as my DM kinda take large liberties with core rules, I wonder if any of you know of a good class (or prestige class) that my DM would accept me to take, as a recently become Half-dragon who secretly wants (with his, or, her newly born black dragon son) to be neutral among dragons.
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    Default Re: What class for a ... kinda weird half-dragon ?

    So if I got this, you want your transgendered half-elf half-dragon bard dragon disciple to find a new prestige class?

    Why not Dirgesinger, from Libris Mortis? Summon some undead, as undead add to any crazy combination like this.
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    Default Re: What class for a ... kinda weird half-dragon ?

    You got it right :)

    I was looking for something maybe more anger, combat, dragon related, but actually, Dirgesinger is quite appaling... I'd never heard of that one before, it sure looks great. Worth a look.

    (oh, and for the record, my semi-bard is Chaotic Neutral, and should really try her best to stay Neutral and not fall to Evil, for her own sake.)

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    Default Re: What class for a ... kinda weird half-dragon ?

    Multiclass into Dragonfire Adept?

    Maybe not the strongest option, but one of the coolest.
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