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    Default Best MM1 monster/template combos?

    I just got the the core books: PH1, DMG, MM1, and a bonus Arcane power.

    as I will be DM'ing for a group of paragon to epic tier heros, what monster combos are good?

    I have found: Mummy Champion hydra(any type other than fen): 6-8 disease attacks anyone?

    Pheonix+Azer BeastMaster(as a rider): unlimited fiery rebirth?

    Death Master Lich(Dm fiat) Skull Lord: summon minions, spellmaster the summon power, rez minions with Skull of deaths command, then summon some more.

    any other great combos?

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    Default Re: Best MM1 monster/template combos?

    Balhannoth and Demonic Acolyte, assuming prerequisites are respected.

    2 AP, 3d8+13 damage + slide party hitting goodness with inflated defenses, and ally granting resist 10 to two common damage types of your choice, beyond its standard degeneracy. Whatever party goes against it better be very heavy on hard control (Stun, Dominate).

    Nuff said.

    I don't think Mummy Champion Hydra works due to the Humanoid prerequisite.

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