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    Default Divinations

    The mechanisms of divinations seem pretty straightforward, either a divination succeeds or it fails. Augury for example says that the caster either determines the relative weal or woe of an intended action or nothing.

    My question though is how to describe these revelations. I've tried using riddles but they're often a pain to think up on the moment but just saying that the results are good seems somehow unsatisfying.

    How do you run divinations?
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    Default Re: Divinations

    If you have time to create a complex prophecy create one, however if not then just stick to Yes or No answers
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    Default Re: Divinations

    Just give them the information. No need to get fancy... just do exactly what the spells say, you get a particular answer, or whatever.
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    Default Re: Divinations

    In the past I've created minor terminologies when divulging divinations that the party would need to decipher, but that takes a lot of planning.

    For an easier solution when playing the role of the deity or otherworldy force giving them hints, simply refer to characters or locations using defining features instead of directly stating names. For example, if there's a Paladin of Pelor who is going to kill some Necromancer and inevitably mess something up, say something like "the jade servant of the sun will strike down the messenger of death and free that which should not." Then you just need to tack on some jade items to the pally, and voila easy encrypted message with no forethought.
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