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    Default Quick Question About Purple Staff Cleric

    Hey guys, I was just taking a look at the Purple Staff Cleric sub-levels in Champions of Valor. And I noticed it had some ability to grant someone a 0 or 1st level spell that you had prepared that day, that they can use as a spell like ability.
    Now it then goes on to talk about uses per day, and the way it is written, does it mean that they now have this spell as a SLA that they can use a certain amount of times per day? Or does it mean that you can give people a spell a certain amount of times per day?
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    Default Re: Quick Question About Purple Staff Cleric

    Times per day you can transfer a spell. The ability functions as Imbue With Spell Ability, which only transfers a single spell slot, so it can't be referring to how many times the transferred spell can be used once it is granted.

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