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    Been tossing this idea around for a bit and started working on it last night for a short while and this is what I came up with tell me what you all think.

    Starting at lv 1 players roll 1 d10 to determine the list they draw their powers from then players roll 1 d12 to determine their powers. They repeat this process twice.

    The DM records their powers and may decide to tell or not tell them the powers bestowed to them depending on their campaign.

    Every time a player levels they can roll to obtain a new power twice or they can choose to level up a existing known power they have. Each power can maxes at level 5.

    List of Powers:

    1: Incandescent
    2: Speed
    3: Strength
    4: Regeneration
    5: Stretching
    6: Size Control
    7: Shape Change
    8: Transparency
    9: Extra Body Parts
    10: Muscle Control
    11: Flight
    12: Invisibility
    1: Telepathic
    2: Super Intellegent
    3: Resourcefulness (ability to create items from seemingly nothing)
    4: Super Hearing
    5: Perfect Memory
    6: Split Personality (2nd personality gets to obtain 2 powers player does not have)
    7: Mind Reading
    8: Future Sight
    9: Mental Attacks
    10: Phasing
    11: Erase Memories
    12: Fake Memories
    1: Soul Swapping (Place soul into another)
    2: Soul Splitting
    3: Healing
    4: Regeneration (extreme)
    5: Power Swapping
    6: Power Creation (Can change the abilities of a power (higher the level the higher more drastic change) and when you level you can change choose a new dice to roll and change the number for lists ex at lv 2 you can roll a d20 for your list time list becomes a bigger)
    7: Pain sensing
    8: Pain Changing
    9: Emotional Control
    10: Sensing
    11: Create Souls (Can create minor souls)
    12: Enter fictional worlds (Can enter any world as long as player has a focus of that world)
    1: Technical Empathy
    2: Metal control
    3: Electric control
    4: Technical Building
    5: Transforming (Ability to change body parts to mechanical parts)
    6: Fire control
    7: Creation (Ability to create items temporarily)
    8: Atomic Control
    9: Hacking
    10: Storage
    11: Autonomous
    12: Bestow souls (Bless created items with a soul)
    1: Elemental Control (Roll d6 1: Fire 2: Water 3: Earth 4: Air 5: Electric 6: Metal)
    2: Shape change (Extreme animal only)
    3: Animal communication
    4: Elemental Breathing
    5: Poison
    6: Elemental Resistance
    7: Death (necromancy)
    8: Plant life
    9: Life (Ability to maintain a living being indifferently at higher levels perfect reviving)
    10: Sage (Nature loves player to the point it will defend and attack for the player without the command of the player)
    11: Metal Erosion
    12: Weather control
    1: Phasing (Minor)
    2: Fire (Minor)
    3: Redirecting Movement
    4: Kinetic Storage
    5: Dimension Creation (Major)
    6: Vibration
    7: Control Probability
    8: Force Movement
    9: Explosion
    10: Extraordinary Jumping
    11: Remove motion
    12: Control waves
    1: Time Control
    2: Teleportation (Extreme)
    3: Control Future Events
    4: Trapping
    5: Predict Future (Perfectly) (At DMs decision on what events players see and when)
    6: Rewind
    7: Fast Forward
    8: Total Knowledge (Has to roll to make sure the knowledge they seek they actually obtain and not useless information)
    9: Level 1 of All Time Powers (Cannot be leveled)
    10: Summon Past (Summon anything from the past temporarily)
    11: Record
    12: Time reach (Can grab a item from the time line if familiar with it)
    1: Boost Abilities (minor)
    2: Healing (Extreme)
    3: Absorb Pain
    4: Remove damage (minor self only)
    5: Medicine Creation
    6: Redo Rolls (1 per lv per day)
    7: Increase Effect
    8: Emotional Control
    9: Damage Reduction
    10: True Lies (Player when lying has a better chance of being believed at higher levels some lies become true)
    11: Barrier
    12: Absorb Powers
    Power Manipulation
    1: Negate Powers
    2: Absorb Powers
    3: Levels chosen ability 2 times
    4: Power Creation
    5: Bestow Power
    6: Steal power
    7: Amplify
    8: Diminish
    9: Restore (Restore stolen powers or body parts)
    10: Store Power
    11: Illusion
    12: Steal powers by killing
    1: Melt
    2: Healing (Perfect with cost)
    3: Return
    4: Locate
    5: Find Metal
    6: Find water
    7: See through objects
    8: Dimension Reach
    9: Reroll if lands on 9 again: From now on chose power do not roll.
    10: Reroll if lands on 10 again: Level every ability once.
    11: Jack of All Trades
    12: Metal Blood (Blood is replaced with metal)

    At the moment I have not split the powers into their respected levels and I have tried to create some powers to appear to overlap other. The idea is that the 'lesser'powers become more powerful at higher levels.

    The idea is to also combined powers to have to create new powers.

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    Default Re: Super Hero

    Have you ever heard of Mutants and Masterminds? They do something similar to this and its IMO quite well done in terms of capacity, levels of power, and so on.
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    Default Re: Super Hero

    There are other systems out there that have you roll random powers. Probably the most famous is Villains and Vigilantes, this is meant to simulate how supers typically don't have any control over what their powers are. I hear the game even goes to far as to have your character be you, as in it has you translate your own real-world abilities into stats for a character.

    Another far more recent game that does random powers is Icons. It also has a system where you can replace some powers you rolled for something that makes more sense with your other powers. For example, if you have superspeed, you can replace anyother powers you rolled with various things speedsters can do (such as create whirldwinds, run up the sides of buildings, vibrate their atoms through solid objects, etc...). That game also has the number of powers you start with be based on a dice roll, though unlike your system characters dont appear to gain new powers every level. It might be worth checking out.

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