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    Default Can't track my own posts.

    The title says basically everything.

    Seeing as I have no small number of infraction points, I just wanted to know if this was

    A) A "revoking-privileges for injustices done" thing, and only happens to people with many infraction points,

    B) Something related to the disappearance of the search function on this forum,

    or C) A bug.
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    Default Re: Can't track my own posts.

    The answer here is "B". The "View all posts by" and "View all threads started by" functions both use the forums internal search engine. With that disabled, those functions are also currently unusable.

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    Default Re: Can't track my own posts.

    You do not have any privileges taken away from you up until the point of complete banning. If you did, it'd certainly be made clear - in the rules themselves, and probably as soon as any such privileges were revoked.

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    Default Re: Can't track my own posts.

    Sheriff: Right. That function works using the search function, which is now disabled. Trust me, we miss it as much as you do.
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