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    Default Mutants & Masterminds 3e Introduce your super group

    This might be the wrong place for this but I was wondering how your superhero/villain groups were developed.

    For example ever since that announcement of Star Wars being bought by Disney I've been picturing Howard the Duck being reintroduced into a comic series along with an interchanging group (mostly because his foul mouthed rants have been driving members away) with say a couple of regulars and in a game allow for the players to swap out certain characters depending on what they want to play.

    I was wondering how you handled this whether playing in a game or actually running it since usually the supervillains are dm run (not always!)

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    Default Re: Mutants & Masterminds 3e Introduce your super group

    The Duck:
    Archetype: Otherworldly Gadgeteer

    Strength 4 (8 with armour), Stamina 5, Agility 4, Dexterity 3, Fighting 6, Intellect 5, Awareness 3, Presence 2 = 64pts

    Beginner's Luck, Benefit 2 (Well Off), Diehard, Equipment 3 (Headquarters), Fearless, Inventor, Power Attack and Ultimate Effort (Toughness checks) = 10pts

    Acrobatics (3) +7, Athletics (3) +7, Close Combat: Unarmed (3) +9, Deception (2) +4, Expertise: Business (2) +7, Expertise: Science (5) +10, Insight (7) +10, Intimidation (2) +4, Perception (3) +6, Persuasion (6) +8, Ranged Combat: Gadgets (3) +6, Technology (5) +10 and Vehicles (2) +5 = 23pts

    Avian Physiology: Enhanced Awareness 1, Enhanced Defences 2 (Dodge 1, Parry 1), Immunity 1 (Cold), Sense 1 (Extended Vision) and Shrink 1 (Permanent, Normal Strength) = 9pts

    Polymath: Quickness 2, Limited to Mental Tasks only) = 1pt

    Powered Armour:
    Enhanced Strength 4 = 8pts + 7pt AE, Activated by Move Action (-1pt)
    *Stun Grenade: Burst Area Affliction 4 (Resisted by Fortitude; Dazed and Vulnerable, Defenceless and Stunned), Extra Condition, Limited Degree = 1pt
    *Green Lantern: Create 4 = 1pt
    *Grenade: Burst Area Damage 4 = 1pt
    *Armour Contact Taser: Reaction Damage 2 = 1pt
    *Hand Gun: Ranged Damage 3, Accurate 2 = 1pt
    *Lantern Manipulator :Move Object 4 = 1pt
    *Dimensional Prison: Strength-based Damage 2, Accurate, Penetrating 5, Movement 1 (Dimension Travel 1) Portal = 1pt
    Flight Harness: Flight 2 (8mph)
    Impervious Protection 5, Linked to Immunity 3 (Critical hits and Radiation), Removable (-6pts) = 25pts

    Offence: (Well he is offensive!)
    Initiative: +4
    Grenade Launcher: +6, Grenade Damage 4,
    Hand Gun +6, Gun Damage 3
    Unarmed +9, Close Damage 8 (4 withour armour)

    Defences: Dodge (5) +10, Parry (3) +10, Fortitude (4) +9, Toughness (0) +10, Will (6) +9 = 18pts

    Abilities 64+ Advantages 10+ Skills 23+ Powers 35+ Defences 18 = 150pts

    Fame: He's quite probably the only sentient duck on Earth!
    Motivation-Responsiblity: Tries to help keep the local peace often only called in when its either truly weird or the local cops are utterly outmatched and he tries to earn his keep since he's not the sort to turn away if he's asked for help (Oh yes?!).

    Background: Marooned on Earth following the accidental experiment of a human scientist which the Duck later developed into a handy portable prison to hold foes until he could hand them over to the legitimate authorities.
    He built up his equipment since arriving and developed his own business using his unique "presence" to build up capital before focusing on his career as a means of finding a way back home.
    Unfortunately he is rather abrasive and his "team" has changed rosters frequently with only a couple of regulars who aren't so easily offended by his language and life style (smokes and drinks beer excessively and thats nothing compared to his language but really need to rewatch the movie though!) and whilst reasonably well off (Read better off than he was on his homeworld!) he occasionally tried to investigate similar events hoping to find something that could allow him to find his homeworld so he could at least have a chance of getting back there.
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    Default Re: Mutants & Masterminds 3e Introduce your super group

    So Howard's new group consists of Shadowdog a female darkness manipulator whose undergone a canine transformation, her sister Pedigree whose tendency to assume the traits and behaviour of the animals she copies have been more troublesome than helpful!

    Their final member calls herself Swift which is odd since she is a minor weather manipulator with a career in vigilantism thats got her into trouble and forcibly made a member of Howard's team since it makes it easier to keep track of all of the troublemakers!

    Howard however has a nemesis in Doctor Morpheus a shapeshifter who specialises in duplicating the appearance of any human albeit until he tries to talk which makes it very absurd that he hasn't bothered taking any acting lessons to complete his disguises but he overcomes that by being as innovative and faster than most of Howard's team.

    Formed because the local police have more control over Howard's antics than if the group split apart it hasn't prevented them doing so but it does insure they move out of the city rather than remain anywhere close to Howard which the local authorities consider a plus, now if only they could get Dr Morpheus from throwing in new opposition against Howard they might actually be able to break even!

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    Default Re: Mutants & Masterminds 3e Introduce your super group

    So using the above as an inspiration what I'd like you to do is introduce either your own hero perhaps even a team of their own and especially include villains and their own teams if necessary to operate in Howard's city as part of a street level campaign setting where you can develop your own game in relation.

    As a start Howard is effectively in charge of his own version of a small Damage Control-like business that helps the local police with incidents they're badly prepared to deal against.
    He has the means to actively start repairs to damage done in the area and even employs his team to help locate and rescue people caught in the area albeit he's yet to find a healer to support his team so they rely on the local paramedic teams to look after the injured even his own team in return for funding that the local mayor's office have due to the recession limited funds to help support in return not only do they give the incumbent a good source of PR (and his/her opposition since they're not 100% successful!) but have promoted a lot of good will with the populace who are aware they have someone they can rely upon when things get nasty.

    So whats your character and how do they fit in?

    Are they for example like Doctor Morpheus whose research accidentally turned him into a humanoid shapeshifter that he blames Howard for (which he was somewhat responsible for...) or are you like Sunset a former vigilante who is in semi-retirement because of multiple attempts by a Government Agency to kill her because she forced their best operative to retire?

    Then there's Sunset's father the operative mentioned who retired because his daughter quite obviously needs help and he has his own hands full with his own former team who have created their own replacement supervillain team and that team is looking to recruit the only daughter of their patron's most powerfulest member its just that they don't know she's been a hero for the past 17 years ever since she witnessed her great aunt's murder.

    So throw me a bone here, how would you handle this sort of thing?
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