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    Default Name Change Request - How to?

    Hey. Just wondering if it is possible and how it would be done to go about changing one's screen name. I'm not set on this, I'm just curious. It's more likely I'll just keep mine as is, but I just want to know what I'd have to do if it can be changed at all. Sorry if this thing is stated like in the FAQs and I just missed that part and am asking a pointless question. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Name Change Request - How to?

    It is possible - at least, within the software.

    Note the sticky thread for name changes at the top of the forum. That's how GitP handles it. The first post has the format you need to use while making your request - basically, the post must include your current screen name and what you want. However, also note that as of now, the process is on hold (and has been for some time). You're still free to post the request, but there's basically no promises when (or if) the Admin staff will get to the request.
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    Default Re: Name Change Request - How to?

    What Zherog said is correct. There's a sticky for it, but you'll be in for a pretty long wait; the last time Roland changed a name was back in June.

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    Default Re: Name Change Request - How to?

    Sheriff: Right, post in the sticky in this forum and we'll get to it when we get to it. If there is some pressing reason you need it changed immediately, like you're the target of cyberstalking or you accidentally registered with your full legal name, PM me.
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