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    Default Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning? IC

    Looks like we only have 2 players, oh well.

    So, it's the 1/2/2013. A couple weeks ago you noticed you had started to develop Something...Extrahuman.
    you seem to be changing, developing, evolving into something new at a rather rapid pace.

    Where are you, what are you doing. Both of you can be anywhere but it's 9oclock on the first day of Feb
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    Default Re: Beginning of the End or End of the Beginning? IC

    The last few weeks had been exceedingly strange for Francis. He first noticed something amiss, when he started to wake up less and less hungry each day, regardless of how much he actually ate. Now it seemed he was never hungry and not eating seemed to have no adverse effect on him.
    Then again, waking up had also become strange, due to not actually needing to sleep anymore it seems. Oh, he still could sleep if he wanted to, but he never actually was sleepy anymore.
    It was like his body was in a form of permanent maximum output, including his immune system. The two rashes he had been worried about had disappeared, as had the warts on the soles of his feet, which made walking much more fun again.
    But even with all of this, today had been the strangest day of them all. He had been rummaging through a dumpster in search of some books or magazines, or maybe something he could use for his place, when some teenage punks had come into the alley. Knowing what was about to happen, he had tried to run away, but they had soon caught up and after some trash talk started beating on him. Only it didn't actually hurt.
    Every punch that landed just seemed to lose most of its power as it hit him, he still moved and flinched as if actually hit, but a lot of that was simply his body's reflexive movements. After maybe ten minutes, they left, leaving him lying on the floor most likely thinking he wasn't moving due to pain or injury.
    Making sure they were gone, Frank got up and felt himself. Nothing hurt, nothing was even bruised it seemed, in fact he felt invirogated, as if he had an abundance of energy ready to burts forth.
    Looking at a nearby wall, he concentrated on this feeling, trying to channel it into an open handed thrust. He was not prepared for effectively pulverizing the plaster and cracking on of the stones beneath.
    Deciding that he did not want to get any attention form this, he quickly moved through the alleys back to his place, trying to calm himslef with a bit of reading, only to tear the book in two along its spine while opening it. A few further test proved that his strenght had greatly increased, But was very slowly getting towards his normal again.
    This was something that had to be considered with some time to mull it over and so he went to sleep.
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