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    Default Any mobile version of site?

    I am wondering if there are plans to design a mobile and/or tapatalk version of this website?

    It reads fine on my PC or ipad, but I find it is not really mobile friendly, as the pages tend to take up too much space. Of course, I realise that such an endeavour would have to come solely out of Rich's own pocket and efforts, so I am really in no position to demand for one, but just wondering.
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    Default Re: Any mobile version of site?

    There was a thread about this a little over a year ago, I think. Here's what The Giant said on the matter:

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    I would not even consider spending one minute or one dollar on such a product unless I myself had a smartphone with which to check that it was satisfactory. As I am a borderline-technophobic luddite who avoids everything that was built after 2000 or so and does not even own a regular cell phone, the probability of that happening anytime soon is just about nil.

    That aside, right now we don't have the time or money to make badly needed changes to the CMS here on the web. Developing a second one is just out of the question.
    So yeah, I wouldn't expect to see an app any time soon.

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    Default Re: Any mobile version of site?

    There is absolutely no plans for tapatalk or anything similar. A mobile friendly version of the site is planned for sometime in the future.

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