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    Default (PF) help me with my psionic villan.

    Hey playground

    I'm currently planing a campaign to dm loosely based around the tarquin's party from order of the stick.

    the idea is esssentially the same, they decided to rule the continent in an underhand way, the PCs discovering this and being essentially mentored to be a challange by the tarquin ripoff because he's "bored".

    i'm happy with who i have so far:

    Tarquin ripoff - Human bard (archaologist)/fighter, uses 2 handed weapons (i'm original)
    Half-orc inquisitor, my version of malack, sword and board fighting style
    Kobold arcane trickster (ninja/sorcerer), he will be pissing off the pc's as much as possible by just popping up and being a nusance
    Kitsune witch - shapechanger who can mimic any human's appearance thanks to a feat. arcane caster of the group
    Teifling gunslinger (pistolero) twin wielding revolvers, one arc will involve him teaming up with the party to kill the tarquin ripoff because he "owes" him one. the point is to demonstrate all of them have failsafes, essentially imortal.

    and finally, xeph telepath. i know thats what i want to do but i dont know how to do it effectively, thanks to a lack of guides for pathfinder psions. i realise there are a plethora for dnd3.5, but i get confused by all the extra content that isnt avaliable in pathfinder. so, basically i need help with building her. the rules are:
    -xeph race, telepath psion but could prestige or something, i'm keen on her being a full caster though
    -level 18, this is the level of the entire "party", so its a fairly complete build
    -if you cant find it on the pathfinder ogc site, it probably wont make it into the game.
    -she is going to be evil, cold and callous, not just bored or a little mad, a b to put in nicely.
    -she will need to have a contingency plan in case of death, there are several options for psions i'm just not sure which one works best.

    thank you for help in advance,

    *edit because hit tab twice and enter by accident, made the thread before i'd written it.
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    Default Re: (PF) help me with my psionic villan.

    In my book the absolutely best contingency plan is redundancy.

    Examine the spell mind seed.

    A bad guy using that spell can duplicate his mind in new bodies (each copy a bit weaker than the original).

    By providing the weaker copies with "scrolls", this evil psion could be spreading across powerful (or just convenient) people at a rate limited only available wealth.

    The weeklong incubation period is per caster (and hence per copy).

    Imagine the fun.

    Trusted friends, (even well known foes) suddenly are playing a whole different game.

    Every time they track down the evil psion mastermind it's just yet another copy, and the original hasn't left her nest forever, reaching out to supply, control, and share experiences with her borg army telepathically.

    For a CR 18 encounter, one of the direct copies (or a secondary copy that has levelled back up to level 16) can have created a quartet of copies.

    4 level 14 psions.

    A leather clad assassin looking guy with crossbows, two big strong armored guys with 2h weapons, and a cleric looking guy in mail.

    Looks like a thug+healer fight, actually a 4 caster fight.

    Oops - mind seed drops 8 levels, not 2 - still, no reason the original can't produce 52 copies a year, and that some of those copies have levelled back up to 14 for a CR 18 fight.

    I don't think you need ANY optomization either...

    Level 14 telepaths all get telepathy and Last Respite... which automatically make them quite hard to surprise and quite nasty if they had nothing but Mind Thrust and Dominate.

    Other simple spells like energy adaptation specified (used as immediate response to an elemental attack) and vigor and inirtial barrier make them tough to kill, and if you succeed, well last respite says you might regret it.

    I'd spend my feats on psicrystal affinity and extra knowledge to learn goodies like inertial barrier and heal injuries (useful to recover from last respite).
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    Default Re: (PF) help me with my psionic villan.

    okay. i ended up giving her the feats:
    -toughness, psycrystal affinity, improved psicrystal maximize, empower, quicken power, psionic meditation, expand knowlege for (1 fifth, 1 6th, 1 7th, 2 8th, 1 9th level powers)

    i hope that'll work alright, should have enough shenanigans with that.

    deviating a little, could i have just a little more advice?

    1. i want the halforc to be a divine caster, would being a cleric rather than an inquisitor be better? i know it'd give him access to resurrection which would work well for the contingency plans.

    2. speaking of which, contingency plans. the psion will have astral seed, i think the mind seed power would be a bit too much given the 6 baddies already. the witch will have reincarnate/raise dead, but at this point the fighter, inquisitor, arcane trickster and teifling dont have any innate abilities to cheat death. are there any magic items or such that could alleviate this?

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