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    Default FFRP Questions

    I've been here for a while now and I've mostly stayed in the FFRP section this whole time. But lately I've been wondering...when should we stop describing some things in such detail that it can be downright vulgar to read, and just pull the curtain?

    Like for example: Say these two people are Roleplaying. One's a succubus and the other is the human she's trying to seduce. When should we stop describing the seduction?
    I've seen a similar scene happen before and it was making myself rather uncomfortable just to read it while skimming through to find the post I needed to respond to.
    Further more, how are we supposed to figure out when we should report a post for being too saucy? The above scenario that made me uncomfortable to see it made me wonder if I should report it, but no one in the OOC thread was saying anything about it, so I decided to suck it up and ignore it.

    I'm a bit spotty about when something stops being PG-13 and goes into R...
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    Default Re: FFRP Questions

    Sheriff: Yes, people should pull the curtain well-short of vulgarity. Report anything you think is too far and we'll take a look. Hopefully, you and those involved will get a better sense of the line through this process. We certainly do warn and scrub inappropriate content, but in ffrp, it goes under-reported, so I'm sure there are unchecked violations. As usual, I'd advise all participants to err on the side of caution. Pull the curtain/fade to black early and often, and if your ffrp requires a lot of that, perhaps do it on a different forum.
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