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    Default [PF] Cavalier Build Advice

    So I've just started playing in a new campaign called the Dungeon Amomos, which is exactly what it sounds like: an enormous dungeon crawl (I should probably note that it is a 'side-campaign', for times when not everyone can make it to the session, so the lack of story is not terribly concerning.)

    Anyhows, I'm playing a Gnome Cavalier, level four:
    STR 15
    DEX 14
    CON 12
    INT 14
    WIS 14
    CHA 12

    Gnome (w/Acadamecian and Gift of Tongues alternate racial traits) Cavalier (Order of the Shield, no archetype) level 4

    FEATS: Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack; TACTICIAN FEAT: Shield Wall

    SKILLS: Bluff +7, Climb +6*, Diplomacy +6, Handle Animal +5, Heal +9, Intimidate +6, Kno. (Engineering) +6, Perception +8, Ride +8, Stealth +7*, Swim +5*. *Before -5 ACP

    AC 19 (Hide Armor, Heavy Wooden Shield)

    MOUNT:WOLF (Earl) abil. 14/16/15/3/11/6.

    My question is this: do you have advice for such a semi-conventional character--sure I'm riding people down, but, more importantly, Im a cavalier in a dungeon, plus I have to fill roles as meat shield, damager, healer, and face all in one. Im sure that there's plenty of generic cavalier advice floating around, but I'm a bit stumped as how to fill so many roles, as well as how to survive in a dungeon, where Reflex saving throws and not setting off traps are so key. I'm not
    looking for corrections to what I've done so far, only ways to maximize future awesomeness (although I might be able to "retrain" some feats, but I think those choices are pretty solid. )

    Help me Playgrounders, you're my only hope.
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    Default Re: [PF] Cavalier Build Advice

    I recommend <beast rider, gendarme, order of the sword>

    will land ya spirited charge instead of that tactician feat.

    then at 4th level take a bear mount, bringing the small bear up to medium size.

    I think they didn't include the bear (or small cat for that matter) into 4th level mount choices for the small cav, which was absolutely retarded imo. anyhow just threaten to ride a friggin dinosaur if the DM doesn't let you have a bear.... they have a multitude of dinosaurs and mastodons on the list...

    give the bear armor prof and improved natural armor.

    at 5th level take the wheeling charge feat, which is amazing.. allowing you to turn a corner in a charge and charge through team mates. and take power attack as your bonus Gendarme feat.

    at 6th level I'd suggest risky striker but unfortunately you didn't go halfling. perhaps go with trick riding or indomitable mount, to better protect your mount, since he offers a great advantage when you are forced into a toe to toe situation in melee.

    7th perhaps weapon focus lance.

    8th you gain mount STR on a charge.

    then I suggest breaking from cav and going sohei.

    get mounted skirmisher and more mounted combat feats and take boon companion to supplement your mounts levels on this 6 level monk dip.. also you gain a ki pool for additional attacks, never suprised, initiative bonus (fantastic for a charger) and the ability to flurry with lances (it was nerfed but still great)..

    then you can return to cav.. only missing a few mount levels, with all sorts of nifty abilities.
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