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    Default Dervish test based prerequisite

    So I found the test-based prerequisites the d20srd site has

    quite interesting and I was wondering if anyone had ever made one for the Dervish. I would just modify the shadowdancer's to fit, but I actually have a player who is planning on becoming a shadowdancer so I want to leave that one as it is and create one for the Dervish that isn't just a clone.

    I've already told the player that the gypsies in town know the secrets to the art and they have agreed to perform the trial and give him a chance to join the family.

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    Default Re: Dervish test based prerequisite

    For me, I always think of desert nomads of some sort when I hear 'dervish.' And whenever I think of desert nomads, I think of the Fremen of Dune.
    'Walk without rhythm, and you won't attract the worm.'
    The player has to make a series of dance checks on sand(low dc, 10?) in front of a purple worm as they try to get between two points.
    If they get the same number twice in a row, they walked with rhythm, and the worm attacks. If they survive without being eaten (whether they cut their way out or not), they learn the secrets of the dervish.

    One of the later Dune books has the citizens of Dune dancing for hours in front of a sandworm without it attacking as a test of their skills. I think it was the one before Chapterhouse Dune.

    Oh yeah. Watch this.
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    Default Re: Dervish test based prerequisite

    So a Dervish needs dancing, a bunch of defense related skills and feats, and weapon focus in scimitar. A gauntlet of sorts, where the Dervish has to escape a bunch of opponents makes sense for testing the defense stuff. Here's my test:
    There is a pit full of wolves with a wooden column in its center. The dervish must run through the pit of wolves to reach the center column without getting bit. She climbs on top of the column and does a dance up there. Embedded in the wooden column is a scimitar. She pulls it out at the end of her dance and must slay the wolves (Wolf injuries are allowed at this point).

    EDIT: Herr's test, while neat, isn't appropriate for a dervish test. The worm would attack if the dervish rolled the same number twice, effectively making it a 1 in 20 chance, not a skill based thing. The worm is also a CR 12 encounter, so hardly level appropriate for what should be a single 5th level character.
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