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    Default Malware's X-Com Mission Log

    For those of you who don't lurk around in IRC, I have a little X-Com game going where the people of the channel shadow as my troops. Game was too easy, so I'm starting over, this time while keeping a detailed record of everyone's progress. Hence this thread.

    As for the troops there will be 16, and always 16. When/if someone dies they will be replaced on a first-come first-serve basis among the IRC folks. The class and build of the previous trooper will be assumed by the new recruit. So without further ado....

    Mission Summary
    Cursed Future|Success|Initial mission. 4 kills.
    Lazy Apollo|Success|Abduction mission in Canada. 6 kills.
    Broken Breath|Success|Small UFO shot down in Germany. 5 kills.
    Flying Prophet|Success|Escort the dude. 6 kills.
    First Hawk|Success|Abduction mission in Japan. 8 kills.
    Forgotten Flame|Success|Abduction mission in France. 6 kills.
    Patient Summer|Success|Medium UFO shot down in Nigeria. 6 kills.
    Falling Whisper|Success|Small UFO shot down in Germany. 5 kills, first Floaters appear
    Forgotten Daze|Success|Abduction mission in Russia. 10 kills.
    Swift Grave|Success|Terror mission in the UK. 6 kills, all 18 civilians saved.
    Crystal Summer|Success|Abduction mission in Japan. 8 kills, first Mutons appear. Gralamin carries the mission with 4 kills.
    Demon Fall|Success|Large UFO shot down in Germany. 11 kills, Thin Man and Outsider captured. Nine carried the mission with 5 kills. Both captures credited to NotPanda.
    Falling Hymn|Success|Medium UFO landing in China. 11 kills, Sectoid and Floater captured. All captured credited to McHawk.
    Red Scepter|Success|Bomb disposal in Australia. 8 kills.
    Driving Heart|Success|Abduction mission in Australia. 8 kills.
    Falling Night|Success|Abduction mission in Candyland. 10 kills, first Cyberdisk appeared. Rockets make everything better.
    Black Gift|Success|Small UFO shot down in Nigeria. 7 kills, Muton captured by NotPanda.
    Bleeding Fall|Success|Abduction mission in France. 10 kills, DarkFiddler was KIA. Incessant waves of Mutons and poor roles made this battle a bear.
    Cold Grave|Success|Terror mission in India. 11 kills, only 2/18 saves. Kinda hard to get to civies with 2 saucers in the way.
    Empty Fall|Success|Small UFO landing in the United States. 10 kills, rockets freaking everywhere.
    Defiant Fog|Success|Medium UFO shot down in the United States. 7 kills, outmaneuvered the **** out of a Muton squad.
    Hidden Vengeance|Success|Alien base assault. 22 kills. Epic battles against binders of Mutons. First Sectoid Commander appears.
    Secret Druid|Success|Large UFO landing in Japan. 15 kills, flawless execution.
    Demon Mother|Success|Rescue the VIP. 12 kills.
    Blind Shield|Success|Medium UFO landing in the United States. 11 kills, first Heavy Floaters appear, one captured by Gralamin.
    Shatter Jester|Success|Terror mission in Germany. 10 kills, 10/18 citizens saved. Not a single tick of damage taken.
    Falling Mother|Success|Supply UFO shot down in Germany. 15 kills, Sectoid Commander captured by Metool.
    Sacred Tears|Success|Supply UFO landing in the United States. 19 kills, first Sectopod and Muton Elites appeared. No injuries.
    Fallen Stallion|Success|Overseer UFO shot down in the UK. 13 kills, first Ethereal appeared and promptly captured courtesy of Cieyrin.
    Demon Dirge|Success|Terror mission in Egypt. 12 kills, 11/18 civilians saved.
    Dying Stallion|Success|Rescue the escaped abductee. 17 kills, all Thin Men. Stupidly easy.
    Lost Vanguard|Success|Battleship shot down in Mexico. Epic mission. 23 kills. Flicker carried with 7 kills with Domo at 5 kills and not taking a scratch. Nine dealt the most damage, charging two Sectopods in turn with a shotgun.
    Cryptic Mother|Success|Battleship shot down in France. 23 kills. Packed room of Sectopods and Mutons make for one epic fight. Slayah carried with 10 kills.
    Falling Jester|Success|Supply UFO landing in South Africa. 15 kills.
    Blinding Sentinel|Success|Medium UFO landing in the United States. 13 kills. McHawk got seriously injured.
    Bleeding Sky|Success|Supply UFO shot down in Canada. 11 kills. BEASTED this map.
    Forgotten Palace|Success|Bomb disposal in the UK. 18 Thin Men bitched. First judicious use of hover SHIVs.
    Stone Dawn|Success|Small UFO shot down in the United States. 9 kills. Gareth and Claudius carry as mega-snipers.[/table]

    Tables are ordered by name, nationality and sex, status, rank, class, psionic potential, and kill/mission ratio. Notes follow underneath.

    {table]Loki “Honey Badger” Yawgmoth|Greek Female|Active|Major|Assault|Not Gifted|28/13[/table]
    Skills: Run & Gun, Aggression, Close and Personal, Rapid Fire, Bring 'Em On, Extra Conditioning, Killer Instinct
    Yawgmoth specializes in close and aggressive combat. Loaded out with a shotgun, she charges into the fray with reckless abandon, making use of her abilities to deal copious sums of damage at close range.

    {table]Claudius “Cowboy” Maximus|Spanish Male|Active|Major|Assault|Psi Gifted|28/14[/table]
    Skills: Run & Gun, Tactical Sense, Lightning Reflexes, Flush, Close Combat Specialist, Extra Conditioning, Resilience
    Claudius Maximus is a tanking and strategic specialist. His abilities make him incredibly difficult to hit, crit, or even approach, while offensively he works splendidly at denying enemies their own boons.

    {table]Gralamin "Boomer" Shieldheart|German Male|Active|Colonel|Assault|Psi Gifted|33/14[/table]
    Skills: Run & Gun, Tactical Sense, Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Fire, Close Combat Specialist, Extra Conditioning, Killer Instinct
    Gralamin attacks with intelligent aggression. He is at his post powerful when up close and personal with his enemies, and retains several powerful tools to keep him alive during his approach.

    {table]Nine “The” Puma|Japanese Male|Active|Major|Assault|Psi Gifted|27/9[/table]
    Skills: Wildcard!

    {table]Jim “Tectonic” Deleran|French Male|Active|Major|Heavy|Psi Gifted|9/4[/table]
    Skills Fire Rocket, Holo-Targeting, Shredder Rocket, Rapid Reaction, Danger Zone, Will to Survive, Rocketeer
    Deleran is a demolition specialist. Loaded out with binders full of rockets, he specializes in blasting cover and aliens into itty bitty pieces.

    {table]Caddybear “Disco” Domochevsky|Canadian Male|Active|Major|Heavy|Not Gifted|29/14[/table]
    Skills: Fire Rocket, Bullet Swarm, Suppression, Rapid Reaction, Danger Zone, Will to Survive, Mayhem
    Domo may be outsmarted on occasion, but his enemies cannot outsmart bullet. He is well versed with the ways of handling a heavy gun, be he pinning enemies down or shredding them at record speed.

    {table]Checkerboard “Crater” Whoracle|Nigerian Male|Active|Colonel|Heavy|Not Gifted|24/11[/table]
    Skills: Fire Rocket, Bullet Swarm, Shredder Rocket, HEAT Ammo, Danger Zone, Will to Survive, Mayhem
    The quintessential heavy, Whoracle has all of the tools for achieving maximum damage. Robotic foes are torn apart by his weaponry, and he can further assist allies by weakening enemy armor.

    {table]Crivens “Prototype” McHawk 3rd|South African Male|Active|Colonel|Heavy|Not Gifted|24/14[/table]
    Skills: Wildcard!

    {table]Lord "Witchy" Gareth|Japanese Female|Active|Colonel|Sniper|Not Gifted|24/13[/table]
    Skills: Headshot, Squadsight, Damn Good Ground, Disabling Shot, Executioner, Low Profile, Double Tap
    Lord Gareth is a cheap, filthy camper. While sitting in one place his bullets can travel the map with impeccable accuracy in rapid succession. And those rare few he can't kill are easily sidelined until he can.

    {table]Flicker "Spider" Dart|Ukrainian Male|Active|Major|Sniper|Not Gifted|31/16[/table]
    Skills: Headshot, Squadsight, Gunslinger, Battle Scanner, Opportunist, Low Profile, Double Tap
    Flickerdart is a man of flexability. He is more than well equipped to move to a new position when the opportunity arises, gathering intel and eliminating nearby enemies with his side-arm before setting up a new nest.

    {table]Bubbles “Snake Eyes” Slayah|Italian Male|Active|Colonel|Sniper|Psi Gifted|35/12[/table]
    Skills: Headshot, Snap Shot, Damn Good Ground, Battle Scanner, Opportunist, Low Profile, In the Zone
    Slayah is hardly content with staying at range, preferring to bring his rifle right into the fight. Maneuvering about the hot zone, he scrambles to find an ideal angle before unleashing torrents of sniper fire.

    {table]Xing “Drifter” Starsinger|Chinese Male|Active|Major|Sniper|Not Gifted|29/13[/table]
    Skills: Still another wildcard!

    {table]Marvin “Fast Lane” Metool|Canadian Male|Active|Major|Support|Not Gifted|21/12[/table]
    Skills: Smoke Grenade, Covering Fire, Smoke and Mirrors, Rifle Suppression, Dense Smoke, Deep Pockets, Sentinel
    Some say support characters are about healing, but Metool will have nothing of it. He charges into combat with the rest of the front line, assisting his allies with smoke grenades and covering fire.

    {table]Kelnin “Pops” Cieyrin|Scottish Male|Active|Colonel|Support|TBD|20/14[/table]
    Skills: Smoke Grenade, Sprinter, Field Medic, Rifle Suppression, Dense Smoke, Deep Pockets, Sentinel
    Cieyrin questions the assumption that medics can't fire a gun. In addition to keeping his allies in optimal condition, he also makes a superb front line soldier and a damn fine martini.

    {table]McBear "Magic Man" NotPanda|Nigerian Male|Active|Colonel|Support|Not Gifted|19/20[/table]
    Skills: Smoke Grenade, Sprinter, Field Medic, Revive, Dense Smoke, Deep Pockets, Savior
    Though capable of firing a gun as well as any other, Magic Man NotPanda is first and foremost a medic. When an ally is feeling down or simply near death, he has just the thing to perk them back up again.

    {table]Fritz “Freud” NEOPhyte|Iraqi Male|Active|Major|Support|Psi Gifted|27/16[/table]
    Skills: Smoke Grenade, Sprinter, Field Medic, Revive, Dense Smoke, Deep Pockets, Savior
    NEOPhyte doesn't care, so he became a heal bitch. Then he started to care, yet a heal bitch he remains. His skills focus on healing and keeping the real men on the front line alive, all while standing in the back. Poor NEOPhyte.

    Those waiting in the wings for their chances at glory


    For those who have died in service to my whims.

    {table]Spencer DarkFiddler|French Male|Deceased|Sergeant|Heavy|TBD|7/6[/table]
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    Default Re: Malware's X-Com Mission Log

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    There is a Hell, believe me I've seen it. There is a Heaven, let's keep it a secret.

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