I saw someone mocking this combination and I want to make it work for an upcoming game.

Can anyone
a) think of a better way to start, spells, feats, ability spread etc.
b) suggest a balanced build upto about level 12.

My basics are
lvl 1 svirfneblin tattooed sorcerer (sage (int casting stat)),

str 8
dex 14
con 14
int 18
wis 13
cha 11

alternate racial trait: Stoneseer (magic stone, stone shape, stone tell 1/day)
varisian tattoo (evocation)
tattoo familiar ( mongoose (+2 fort save))

Starting feat: cosmopolitan ( perception / survival )

spells: 0 detect magic, read magic, acid orb, prestidigitation
1 mage armor, colour spray

Skills maxed: UMD, spellcraft, perception, knowledge (arcana), survival, appraise.