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I'm voting Dalek. They can individually fly through space/time, which means that the enemy is effectively borked when it comes to space combat. Try firing enough to wipe out millions of tiny shielded people, and you will get stung to death. I would put them at an advantage in ground combat as well, since they can all fly and Necrons cannot.

Necrons have better weapons, and they can teleport between planets (webways), but I think the greater flexibility of the Daleks would let them win out. Or it would if either of them acted as smart as they are fluffed; Daleks tend to slowly hover forward and shoot at people.
Assuming personal weapons are capable of penetrating Necron shielding, which would require individual Dalek weaponry to be in the gigaton through Terraton range.

Which it isn't, as the highest showing I've seen for Dalek anti Personal Weaponry is Anti Aircraft by our scale, and Necrodermis is SIGNIFICANTLY better at resisting energy attacks, and is self repairing, and it's adaptive.

So the "death by a thousand stings" philosophy doesn't work against Necrons. As that just gives them time to have the necrodermis of their Starships adapt to that energy, and eventually become so resistant as to be nigh immune.

That said, Necrons also field Sepulchre's on their ships, psychic emitters that are all but designed to counter that very idea, and an attack to which as far as I'm aware, the Daleks have no defense.