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    Default Looking for shounen manga and/or cyberpunk inspired art

    Hey guys.
    I'm currently working on my own RPG system and so far I've only got one dedicated artist (he is not a playgrounder). I also got some contributions from Humbug, stuff he posted in his art thread that he allowed me to use.
    So what I'm asking is - do any of you guys have any art that would fit into cyberpunk style and/or a modern fighting shounen? Something that should be acceptable in Hunter x Hunter or Shadowrun, stuff like that. There is no payment involved (the project is non-profit), but you would be credited.

    My project is a system/setting called Karyu Densetsu. It's being currently developed in Portuguese to be released as a free ebook in Brazil.

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    Default Re: Looking for shounen manga and/or cyberpunk inspired art

    Can I have your email address so I could email you some of my stuff? (or, you can PM me your email address if you don't want to post it here)

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