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    Default Your thoughts on Marooned...

    Hi everyone. I've been a stranger to this forum (other than signing up four years ago), and I didn't realize the amount of discussion going on here.

    Anyway, I'm winding up my comic, Marooned, which has been running for close to 5 years. Marooned is a sci-fi comedy/drama/adventure about Captain John and his sidekick, Asimov. They get stuck on Mars, meet the locals and have adventures.

    While I've gotten some good reviews/press over the years and have had general positive feedback from the public, my readership has stayed pretty much at the same level for the last few years (around 5k uniques/50k pageviews/month). It would have been nice to do a little better, but promoting a comic is worse than making one :)

    Anyway, would love any feedback. In spring 2013, I'll be releasing a hardcover book of the whole run, with much of the archive recolored and reworked to bring it up to snuff - including filling/fixing story issues. I'm currently a featured comic on, where you can see some of these updates.

    Otherwise, check out the site - see the latest stuff and jump to wherever you like. A good story to read is Rocket Science, not long but a good primer on what the strip is like.

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Marooned...

    I've read the archive, thanks for bringing it to my attention

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    Default Re: Your thoughts on Marooned...

    Thanks for reading! :)

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